Friday, August 19, 2016


Media Spokesman Of National Freedom Front Mohommad Muzammil Was Questioned By Bribery Commission

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The media spokesman of the National Freedom Front Mohommad Muzammil has today[19] given a statement to the Bribery Commission over a certain appointments made by him when he was the working director of State Engineering Corporation during previous regime.

The former MP Muzammil was recently detained and remanded over the misusing of vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat.Later he was released on bail.

Four suspects Have Been Detained Over An Abduction Of A Girl At Wellwali Area

Image result for DETAINFour persons had been detained by the Wellawali Police (in Batticaloa) today(19) at kokkodicholai area over an abduction  of a young girl at Wellawali area .

The van used for the abduction has also taken into the custody by police

The suspects have been remanded until 29th of August after being produced before the kalavanchikudi court.


Prices Of Vegetables And Rice Have Shown A Decrease-Hector Kobbakaduwa Institute

As sufficient amounts from vegetables and rice have been reached the market from upcountry and low country areas ,a decrease has shown in vegetable and rice prices these days according  to the Hector Kobbakaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute.

Usually a sufficient amount of vegetables and rice has reached the market every year  in the months of February ,March,April, ,august, September and October and  this situation will lasted until first week of  October the institute has stated.

Three Members In The Same Family Have Died Due To Poison

Image result for suicideThree members of the same family ,the father  daughter and son at Kotahena (in Colombo)have died due to poison today(19)and they have believed to be committed suicide by consuming poison according to the Police.

The neighbors of the deceased have rushed them to hospital under critical condition it has been reported.

However all three of them have died upon admission to the hospital.

Ministry Of Provincial Councils To Remove All Unauthorized Pavement Vendors In Colombo City From 15th Of September

Image result for pavement hawkers colomboThe Ministry Of Provincial Councils and local government has decided to remove all unauthorized pavement vendors[hawkers].billboards and carts occupied in Colombo City with effect from ,15 th of September.

This decision has been taken under the advise of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe  the sources have stated .

The Colombo Municipal Council has identified an alternative locations for these unauthorized vendors after they are removed from.Colombo city pavements .

The secretary to the Ministry of provincial Councils Kamal padmasiri has instructed the Municipal Council to provide facilities for these vendors when they are shifted to the alternative locations including electricity,toilets and security for their new locations.

According to a survey carried out by the police it has been revealed That more than 1000 vendors are illegally occupying colombo city pavements and engaging in various trades.

Due to this situation these pavements become unsafer for pedestrians and increasing the number of road  accidents as well the Police have revealed.


Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear