Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health Minister To Submit Cuban Epidemiologists Report For Cabinat Approval

The Report Submitted by the two visiting Cuban Epidemiologists on Eliminating the Dengue Menace from the Island and the Cost Report of Implementing the Recommendations of the report to be presented to Cabinet shortly for approval Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said today.

According to the above Report Air Spraying of BTI Bacteria towards the identified higher risk areas of spreading Dengue,Implementing Spot Fine System to deter the Mosquito Breeders , Building Houses without Gutters on the Roof and Managing of Disposing the Garbage are recommended to implement.

According to the Estimates US Dollars 1.44 will cost per One Household for using the BTI Bacteria for a Period of One Month.The Sum of 34.17 Million US Dollars needed for implementing spraying BTI Bacteria and other Actions recommended by the report for a three month period according to the Health Minister.

Two Cinema And Tele Drama Stars To Contest Local Elections

Two Famous Stars of the Local Cinama and Tele Dramas Anarkali Akarsha and Susantha Chandramali are selected to contest for the forthcoming Southern Provincial Council Elections under the Governing United Peoples Liberation Front(UPFA) ticket the General Secretary of the UPFA and Minister Of Education Susil PremJayantha announced today.

First Passenger Boat Service In Beira Lake Had Been Inaugurated This Morning (22)

The first Passenger Boat Service in Beira Lake ,Colombo to provide a solution for the heavy traffic congestion in Colombo had been inaugu...