Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Twenty Nine Passengers Were Injured Due To The Bus They Traveled Toppled Into A Paddy Field

Around Twenty Nine  passengers were injured and hospitalized after the  bus they were traveled  toppled into a Paddy Field at Aranayake Area this morning.

The Bus Driver and Twenty School Children are among st the injured who were admitted to Aranayake Hospital.

Former UPFA MP Sajin Vaas Was Remanded Again Until 04th Of August

The imprisoned Former MP of  United National Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) Sajin Vaas Gunawardene who was remanded over the allegation leveled against him on misusing state owned vehicles was remanded again today(21) until 04th of August by the Colombo Fort Magistrate.

The magistrate has turned down the former MP'S bail application by  citing that there's no special circumstance to release him on bail.

Former UPFA MP Sajin Vaas was arrested by the Financial Crimes Investigations Division over misusing 22 vehicles belonging to the Presidenial Secretariat during previous government.


Feelings tell the truth, they never lie
Feelings tell the truth between you and I
But what if they hide, they don't come out
Then how will your feelings come about
Through signs, that's kind of crazy
That's like not working at it and being lazy
Through art, though picture would be grand
It doesn't paint a full picture to understand
Through words, though you say them proud
The may not come across as being loud
So how do you release how you feel?
To make sure that someone knows that it's real
You start at your stomach, where the butterflies roll
And that sends a message right to your soul.
From your soul, it moves through you blood
And it enters your heart like a flood.
From there, it sits in your heart, awaiting its fate
But you better release it soon, or it will be too late
So how do you let your feelings out? Look in your heart
It is there you will see that you should have looked there from the start.

New Survey Found 49% Of The HIV Positives In South Asian And South East Asian Countries(Except India) Are Sex Workers And Their Customers

A new survey has been revealed that except India 49% of the HIV Positives reported from South Asian and South East Asian Countries including Sri Lanka are Sex Workers and their customers according to the United Nations Aids Programme.

In Sri Lanka alone both the sex workers and their customers are identified as high risk groups which can spread HIV/AIDS in the country UNAIDS has revealed.

Addressing a Media Briefing held at UNAIDS Office in Colombo-07 today(21) the Resident Representative of the UNAIDS in Sri Lanka Dr.Dayanath Ranathunge has said that according to the said survey getting the contribution of sex workers to spread the message to  fellow sex workers on preventive measures of   spreading of HIV/AIDS is the best way to reach the sex workers who are not accessing  health care services in the country.

UNAIDS is targeting to eliminate HIV/AIDS from Sri Lanka by the year 2030 and therefore urged the need to conduct more and more awareness programmes among High Risk Groups like Sex Workers and their customers in coming years.

All The Candidates Contesting At The Forthcoming Election To Be Declared Their Assets And Liabilities Before 30th of July

All the Candidates who are contesting at the forthcoming Parliamentary should submit their assets and liabilities declarations  to the Elections Secretariat before 30th of July  the Secretariat has announced.

According to the Election Secretariat the Identification Cards will not be issued to the candidates who are unable to declare their assets and liabilities on or before the given deadline.

Up to now several Candidates who are contesting at the forthcoming election have declared their assets and liabilities to the election secretariat and  the secretariat has already begun obtaining information of candidates on District Level it has been reported.

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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