Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colombo Health Officials Destroyed 400 Killos Of Expired Dry Rations

The Officials of the Colombo Public Health Department destroyed 400 kilos of Expired Dried Rations including Tea,Anions,Dried Fish ,Dates  stored in  Trade stalls at the Manning Market in Colombo yesterday.The Officials were taken 86 Samples of suspected dry rations stored in 114 trade stalls for further tests.

Colombo Public Health Department is planning to take a legal action against 18 trade stalls of the Market which involved in selling  expired and contaminated Dry Rations to the public.

Sri Lankan Military And Chinese Govt.Conducting Two Investigations On The Explosion

Sri Lankan Military and the Chinese Government are conducting two separate Investigations on the Explosion occurred near the Karadiyanaru Police Station yesterday.The explosion which believed to be killed more than sixty people including two Chinese Nationals is reported as an accidental one.

Chinese Ambassador along with few of the Chinese officials of the Chinese Embassy in Colombo visited the blast site yesterday afternoon to get an clear idea on the incident.Three Explosive container trucks exploded which parked near the Karadiyanaru Police Station for safety yesterday morning when two Chinese Officials came from a cab trying to remove some  explosives from a container in one truck.Then the container exploded and as a result other trucks too got exploded.

Sri Lanka Achieved A Lot In Socialising Birth Defect Children -IAn ndian Doctor Says

India is far behind Sri Lanka regarding socialising children with birth defects and Sri Lanka and it's media are doing a tremendous ...