Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Electricity Fuel Adjustment Rates Increased

An Electricity Fuel Adjustment Rates are increased with effect from midnight today(15th). Under this a fuel surcharge will be imposed on Electricity Bills for household users based on use .

According to new fuel adjustment rate   the first 30 units used   will be increased by 25%  and 31 to 60 units by 35% while an increase of 40% for over 61 units The Public Utiities Commission of Sri Lanka has announced.

Chairmen And MD Of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Increased Their Tender Board Participation Allowance by 35 Folds- Charged Trade Unions

The Chairman and Managing Director of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) have increased their attendance allowance entitled for them when participating Tender Board Meetings on importing Drugs and Surgical Items by 35 folds from Rs.500 to Rs.17,500 according to SPC Trade Unions.

The Trade Union officials have charged that Tender Board meetings are held 3 days per week at SPC  and due to the increasing of  said allowance by these administrators the SPC it self facing bankrupt situation.A SPC worker who questioned from SPC Administration on the increasing of their attendance allowance for participating tender board  meetings as well as nine other fraud activities occurred  within the Corporation was transfer to an outstation office recently as a result they charged.

Meanwhile a group of SPC Employees were sent a letter to the health minister maithripala sirisena on  06-02-2012 by stating  the need to re instate the transferred employee with immediate effect as his transfer was purely based on false allegations.

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