Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Liver And Two Kidneys Removed From A Brain Death Youth Had Airlifted And Transplanted To Three Patients

A Liver and two Kidneys removed from a 35 year old 
brain death youth in Polonnaruwa Hospital had airlifted to Colombo National and Kandy Teaching Hospitals by an Airforce Plane and transplanted them successfully to three patients according to the Hospital authorities.

This is the first time that three organs removed from a brain death patient had airlifted for transplant surgeries in Sri Lanka.

The liver was airlifted to Colombo National Hospital with the  assistance of a group of consultant surgeons sent to Polonnaruwa Hospital from Colombo and transplanted it to a 56 year old patient it has been revealed.

The two Kidneys airlifted had transplanted to two kidney failure patients at Kandy Teaching Hospital.

Air Force deployed it's Aircraft to bring the organs from Polonnaruwa Hospital after the discussions held between Health Minister and Airforce Commander .

Golden Melodies

Presidential Commission Of Inquiry On Serious Fraud And Corruption Had Handed Over Final Report Of Inquiry To The President

The Presidential Commission Of Inquiry appointed to
Inquire on Serious Fraud ,Corruption ,Misuse of State resources,Privilages,Power and Authority had  handed over it's final report to the President Maithripala Sirisena this evening (02)at the President's Office.

The chairman of the Commission P.Padman Surasena had  handed over the 1135 page report with the participation of five other members of the Commission. .

Four Persons Were Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In Grandpass

Four persons were injured ,two of them critically and
hospitalized this evening (02)due to a gun shooting incident at Nagalagamveediya in Grandpass area.

The injured were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

A group of persons arrived in a Three Wheeler had shot at  the four persons who got injured.

Grandpass Police are conducting an investigations to arrest the gunmen.

Seven Estate Workers In Hatton Have Been Injured Due To A Leopard Attack

Seven estate workers attached  to  the Panmure Estate
in Hatton area were  injured and hospitalized due to a leopard attack this noon (02) .

The injured one female and six men have been admitted to the Dikoya Hospital and later transfered to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital for further treatment.

A Leopard who lives near a line room complex of the Estate had attacked the workers it has been revealed.

Wild Life officers had launched a search operation to capture the Leopard according to reports.

Limit Chidren's Snacks To Two Per Day- A Health Body Says

Delicious But Deadly Mochi: The Japanese Rice Cakes That Kill Two Persons


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Six Navy Officers Who Are In Remand Over Abduction And Disappearance Of 11 Youth Were Further Remanded

Image result for remandedSix Navy Officers including the former Navy  Spokesman Commodore D.K.P Dassanayake  who were arrested and remanded over an abducting and Disappearing of 11 youth in 2008  have been further remanded until 16th Of January by the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne today(02).

The suspects were produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate today.

Meanwhile during the proceedings  Magistrate has stated that she will issue an open arrest warrant to arrest Lt. Commander Chandana Hettiarachchi who is charged over the abduction and disappearance of youth.

Officials Have Suspected The Fire That Erupted In Meethotamulle Garbage Mount May Be Due To An Increasing Levels Of Methane Gas In Air

Image result for meethotamulla garbage mountain
Officials have suspected that the sudden fire that erupted in a part of a Meethotamulle Garbage Mount yesterday (01)may be due to  the rising levels of Methane Gas in the air of the area .

As the Garbage Mount is there in Meethotamulle area since long time ,The Methane Gas in the air has been  increased and currently on the increase  according to the Japanese Experts who had carried out a research on the Garbage Mount after the  Collapsing of a part of the Mount in   last April.The Experts have clearly stated on that in their report which was handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Report also suggested  to cover the Garbage Mount to avoid a further collapse and to remove the residents from  the area.

Yesterday's fire had occurred in a part of a Garbage Mount near the Meethotamulle Rahula Collage in around 11 a.m and fire brigade had managed to doused the fire only  in the evening.

A Three Year Old Girl Child Was Killed After A Rukattana Tree Had Fallen Over Her

Image result for died'A three year old Girl Child was killed after a "Rukattana "tree had fallen over her at Homagama yesterday(01).

The critically injured Girl had succumbed to her injuries after transferring  to the Colombo National Hospital  from Homagama Base Hospital where she was admitted soon after the incident.

The tree cutters have been reported as fled away from the area as soon as they rescued the small girl and handed over her to her brother .

The Incident occurred while the small Girl was at her Grandfather's house in Homagama where a Rukattana Tree was cut nearby it has been revealed.The deceased was under a care of her 11 year old brother at the house yesterday as their mother was away from home and she got used to visit her Grandfather often according to the reports.

A Body Of A British National Who Had Died Mysteriously Recovered At Maligawatte

Image result for suicideMaligawatte Police have today (02) recovered a body of a 37 year old British National who was mysteriously died in a ground near the Pensions Department at Araliya Uyana area in Maligawatte area(Colombo).

Police have recovered the body as per an information received from residents of the area and there was a bleeding from his ears and nose and a wound has seen in his face it has been revealed.His passport too not there in his possession the Police have said.

The cause of the death has not yet been revealed.

The deceased who had arrived in Sri Lanka on 25th of November scheduled to leave the country yesterday (01) ,But he had extended his visas until 25th of January this year according to the Police.

Hulftsdorf Magistrate has arrived at the scene this noon to carry out Magistrate Inquiry.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...