Friday, July 14, 2017

A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Narcotic Tablets In Mattakkuliya

A person was arrested with a stock of narcotic tablets
in Mattakkuliya area according to a law enforcement unit of North Colombo.

The value of the stock estimated as around Rs.300,000.The suspect along with the stock of narcotic tablets handed over to the kotahena coastal police for further investigations.


Polythene Manufacturers Requested To Allow Them Manufacturing Polythene Sheets Despite The Ban

The All Ceylon Polythene manufacturers and recyclers
Association has requested the government to allow them to manufacture 05 macrone or 10 macrone polythene sheets which can use for wrapping food items .

Government is due to ban the maufacturing ,selling and distributing  of all polythene sheets used for food wrapping belonging to 20 macron catagory  or less than that,Shopping bags and Regiform boxes used for food wrapping with effect from 01st of September this year and cabinet has granted approval to implement it.

Eighteen Students Have Been Hospitalized In Minneriya Due To A Wasp Attack

Eighteen Students and two teachers attached to the
Minneriya National School were hospitalized yesterday (14) due to a wasp attack.

The injured were admitted to the Hingurakgoda Hospital for treatment.The injured are not in critical condition it has been announced.

The wasp attack occurred after the students throwing stones towards a wasps nest in a school building.

A Settlement Was Reached On Conservation Work Of The Rangiri Dambulu Temple

A settlement was reached between chief incumbent of
Asgiriya Chapter Venerable Warakagoda Gnanaratne Thero and sections representing  the government including Commissioner Of Archeology and Director of Central Cultural Fund yesterday (14)regarding conservation work of ancient artworks and statues of the Historical Rangiri Dambulu Temple (Golden Rock Temple) without closing the temple as earlier decided by the authorities .

During the discussions held at Asgiriya Temple yesterday ,both parties have agreed to begin conservation work  of  ancient artworks and statues of the Rangiri Dambulu Temple with the supervision and advise of chief incumbent of the Temple and bhikkus of the temple trust it has been revealed.

The selling of tickets to the tourists will be done through the temple  according to the Asgiriya Temple.However authorities have not issued a statement regarding the discussions held yesterday at the Asgiriya Temple.

A conflict created after the Chief Incumbent of the Rangiri Dambulu Temple removed the Archeology officers who handled the conservation work of the temple and not supporting the assessment work of temple .

Due to this dituation Commisdioner of Archeology has decided to closed down the Temple until further notice for tourists in view of conservation work of the temple and to issue tickets for the tourists through the Central Cultural Fund under the powers vested with him in the Archelogy Act.

Three Persons Arrested With Six Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis-

Three persons including a female have been arrested
with six kilo grammes of Kerala Cannabis while transporting them through a Three Wheeler at Havlock Town in Colombo during a joint raid carried out by Sri Lanka Navy and Police.

The suspects along with the stock of Kerala Cannabis had handed over to the Narahenpita Police for further investigations.


A Large Number Of Hospital Staff Members Admitted To Wards Of Their Hospitals Due To Dengue

A large number of Hospital staff members including
Doctors,Nurses and minor staff members are currently  receiving treatment in the wards of   their respective hospitals  due to getting Dengue it has been reported.

According to the Hospital Sources around 10 Hospital staff members including Doctors and Nurses are currently in medical wards of the Colombo National Hospital receiving treatment for Dengue.

A clerk  attached to another leading hospital in Colombo has died recently due to the Dengue according to sources.

Authorities have advised the Hospitall staff also to keep the inside of their Hospitals and surrounding areas clean to prevent spreading of Dengue .

A New Constitution Is Not The Need Of The Hour-Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero

Without providing solutions for national problems like
Dengue and SAITM ,government trying to bring a new constitution which is not essential to the country according to the president of Pavidi Handa oganization venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero.

Country needs peace among all communities and not a new constitution that divided communities ,Thero has said during a press briefing held at Abayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita.

'At present everyone asking  whether there is a government here.Economic growth is poor and not been able to launch an effective development prejects is the main reason for this" Muruththettuwe Thero has stressed.

Citronella Oil Is A Very Effective Natural Mosquito Repelllent-nt-Dr.Thissera

Citronella oil is a very effective natural mosquito
repellent can apply on the human skin to prevent Dengue mosquito bites Dr.Hasitha Thissera attached to Dengue control unit has stated.

According to Dr.Thissera when adding few drops of coconut oil to Citronella oil and applying it on the skin is a very effective method to prevent Dengue Mosquito bites.

Required Facilities Will Be Provided To Continue Heart Transplant Surgeries -Health Minister

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has
yesterday(13)pledged that the Health Ministry will provide required facilities to carry out Heart Transplant surgeries in Kandy Teaching Hospital further.

Cardio thoracic surgeons attached to the Colombo National Hospital attempted to petform the first Heart Transplant surgery in the country and held two rounds of talks with Ministry regarding that ,but the Cardio Thoracic surgeons in Kandy Hospital performed it first which is a really great achievement Minister has stressed.

Health Minister had met the Medical team members who participated the surgery yesterday (13)and congratulated them on the surgery.

Meanwhile according to reports a Cardio Thoracic surgeon attached to Sri Jayawardanapura Teaching Hospital in kotte firstly proposed the Health Ministry few years ago to begin Heart Transplant surgeries in Jayawardanapura Hospital.However due to the high  cost Ministry has not responded to it.

Out Of 10,000 Dengue Patients Only 1000 Showing Symptoms-Dr.Hasitha Thissera

At present only 1000 out of 10,000 Dengue patients in
the society showing symptoms while 9000  are not showing symptoms but acting as a secret carriers of Dengue virus according to the Dr.Hasitha Thissera of National Dengue Control Unit attached to the Ministry of Health.

Addressing a media briefing held at Government Information Department in Narahenpita this noon (14) on Dengue situation ,Dr.Thissera has stated that although majority of Dengue Virus infected persons not showing symptoms a Dengue mosquito biting such a person will transmit Dengue to a healthy person by biting him also.

During last seven years  Dengue virus varities 01 and 04 have seen spreading in Sri Lanka but at present Dengue virus variety 02 is in active he has stressed.

Out of the total number of Dengue patients reported from the island so far this year 30% are school children and 15% of those died due to the disease are also school children it has been revealed.
Upto now 80,885 Dengue patients have been reported from island during this year with 269 Dengue deaths Dr.Thissera said.

Spreading of Dengue has been  increased in 60 divisional secretariets belonging to 12 districts it has been revealed.

Addressing the briefing Health Minister has criticized some politicians who were provided false statistics on Dengue patients to the media.

Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital To Be Taken Over By The Government On Monday

Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital is due to be taken
over by the government this Monday (17) at a function scheduled to be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena acvording to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

The Hospital has been built on a five acre land under the Green concept and it comprising  of two buildings one with four storeys and other with an  eight storeys. The land area of the Hospital is 180,600 square feets and the Hospital is equipped with state of art facilities and clinical facilities the Minister has stated while addressing a media briefing held yesterday (13) at Kandy Teaching Hospital.

Neville Fernando hospital will provide treatment for patients free of charge and paying wards also there.

Cabinet has aready given approval for the taking over of Neville Fernando Hospital to the government and earlier Government has announced that the taking over will be completed after paying the loan taken by the Hospital owner from a state bank in ten years time.

Elephant Found Swimming 16km Out To Sea In Sri Lanka


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Kegalle Magistrate Fined 13 Persons Over Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

Image result for dengueKegalle Magistrate Court has today(14) fined 13 persons who found guilty over maintaining Dengue Mosquito breeding places in their premises , Rs.10,000 each per person .Accordingly Rs.130,000 was fined from the 13 suspects .

During a Dengue Control Programme held in Kegalle recently the premises of the suspects have been identified as Dengue Mosquito breeding places  and notices were also issued against them.However as they do not take any action to destroy Mosquito Breeding places in their premises authorities have filed legal action against them.

A Pedestrian Was Killed Aftter Colliding With A Cement Lorry

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A 57 year old person was killed after colliding with a Cement Lorry traveling from Colombo to Galle, at Seenigama ,Hikkaduwa on Galle-Colombo main road early this morning(14).

The accident was occurred due to driver of the Cement lorry fallen a sleep while driving according to the Police.

Former Media Spokesman Of Navy Arrested Over Disappearance Of Youth Was Remanded

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The former Navy media spokesman Commodore D.K.P Dassanayake who was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department(CID) over abduction,detention and disappearance of 11 youths in Colombo  during 2008-2009 period had been remanded until 19th of July by the Colombo Fort Magistrate today(14).

The former media spokesman of Navy was brought to the court by Ambulance from Welisara,Navy Hospital. 

Colombo Fort Magistrate has instructed the Prison Superintendent to submit a medical report of Commodore Dassanayake after being checked through a medical specialist team of Colombo National Hospital.

The Suspected Commodore was asked   to  appear before the CID  on Wednesday regarding the allegations leveled against him on 11 youths and as his  failure  to appear led to his arrest by the CID at the Navy hospital.

Colombo District Court Has Issued An Interim Injunction Against Abayaramaya Temple Prohibiting From Being Used For Political Work

Image result for abayaramayaColombo District Court has today(14) issued an interim injunction order prohibiting Narahenpita ,Abayaramaya from being used for political,commercial or any other professional work.

The Court has issued an Interim Order after taken into consideration a petition filed by chief incumbent of Purvaramaya in Kirulapona Pathberiye Wimalagnana Thero .

The lawyers  appeared behalf of the Petitioner Wimalagnana Thero has stated in the court that using Abayaramaya for political,commercial and professional work strictly against the teachings of Buddhism.

The petition was filed in February 2016 seeking an injunction order to prevent using Abayaramaya Temple for political activities.

The hearing of the petition postponed until 20th of November. 

The Chief Incumbent of the Abayaramaya ,Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero once considered as the president of Sri Lanka's  largest health trade union Public Services Nurses Union .The Temple was recently used for political activities including holding press briefings of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe and his allies.

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