Friday, January 17, 2020

President Recommends Court Of Appeal.Chairman Yasantha Kodagoda 's Name For A Supreme Court Judge Post

President Gotabaya Rajapakshe has
yesterday (17)recommended the name of the Courts Of Appeal Judge and Chairman Yasantha Kodagoda to the Constitutional Council to  appoint him  as  a Supreme Court Judge .

Appeals Court chairman /Judge Kodago da's name has been recommended to fill the vacant seat of the Supreme Court created due to the death of former Supreme Court Judge Prasanna Jayawardana. 

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Ban On Operation Of Drones Had Been Lifted

Civil Aviation Authority had lifted the
Ben imposed over operation of Drones with immediate effect .

The ban on Drones was imposed by the good governance government as a security meassure following the Easter Sunday attacks  in last April.

Anyone can operate a Drone by using Sri lankan airspace except in high security zones after gaining prior approval from the Civil Aviation Authority the authority has stated m

Nine Passangers Injured After A Private Bus Falling Down A Precipice At Meegahakiwula

Nine Passangers including the Bus
driver and a 10 year old school girl had been injured and hospitalized after the Private Bus they were travelling in falling down a 55 feet deep precipice at Vendesiyaya ,Maha Wanguwa area on Meegahakuwula -Pitamaruwa main road today (17)..

The injured had been admitted to the Meegahakuwula Hospital and two of them had been later transferred to the Badulla General Hospital for furher treatment .

Around 60 Passangers were inside the bus at the time of the incident and due to the talent of the Bus driver had managed to prevent a major Disaster when the Bus suddenly travelled backwards and falling down the precipice  whilst travelling in a mountain area according to Passangers.

Kandekatiya Police are conducting an investigations over the incident .

Six Accused Of Avant Guards Floating Armoury Case Including Avant-Guarde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi Released

Tribunal Judge panel has
today(17)released six accused persons of the Avant-Guarde illegal floating armoury case   five of them from all charges and  the chairman of  Avant guard Company Nissanka Senadhipathi on bail .

Accordingly five of the accused including Avant-Guarde company and Rakna Lanka Company had been released from all charges and Avant-Guarde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi Had been released on a cash bail of Rs.500,000 and two surety bails of Rs.2.5 million each .

Tribunal Judge panel has also decided to keep only 19 charges out of the 7573 charges levelled against 13 accused of the floating Armoury case .

The case against the 08 other accused of the case  is scheduled to be taken up for hearing on 10 th of February.

Current President Gotabaya Rajapakshe was also among the accused over maintaining a Floating armoury in   southern  seas illegally .However  charges against him had been  dropped after electing as President.

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