Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deaths Due To Dog Bites Are On Increase

Twenty four deaths reported throughout the Island from January this year upto now due to Dog Bites Deputy Director General of the Health Services (Public Health)Dr.Sarath Mahipala said yesterday(24).Last year there were 28 deaths due to Dog Bites he said.Out of 2.5 million dog population in sri lanka Ninty Percent are Stray Dogs he stressed.

According to the official statistics around 2000 Dog Bites were reported throughout the island annually.470,000 Dogs were vaccinated against Rabies this year upto now and the World Health Organization is allocating Rs.91 million for vaccinating another 200,000 Dogs by next year he further added.Government spend around Rs.500 million for treating dog bitten wounds and only Rs.100 million allocated from the budget for the Anti Rabies Campaign activities for this year.

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