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Dementia Patients To Recover Their Lost Memory By Listning To Their Favourite Songs




A Team Of Archeology Officers To Visit The Rock With A Large Size Right Foot Print To Investigate On It

A team of officers attached to the Department of
Archeology is due to visit the rock with a large size right foot print recovered from a reserve near "Sripada"rock tomorrow (22)to investigate on the foot print it has been announced.

The team will visit the Gardimore reserve where the rock with the foot print which is one and half feet long had recovered to begin investigations on it.
The left foot print which is of the same size as the right foot print also there on the rock but it was deleted according to reports.

The estate workers who had been recovered the foot print now worshipping it it has been revealed.



A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Police Shooting

A Motorcyclist was killed due to a Police shooting after
the Motorcyclist not halting the Motorcycle as per police orders last night(20) at Katharagama area.

The 44 year old critically injured Motorcyclist who was a resident of Nagahaveediya in Katharagama area had succumbed to his injuries on admission to Kataragama Hospital.

Police have arrested the Police officer who had shot at the Motorcyclist.

A tense situation was occurred after the killing of the  Motorcyclist by police shooting as the angry residents in Katharagama had gathered around the Katharagama Police station and throwing stones towards the Police officers.

However police have dispersed the crowd by firing tear gas .Police protection has been provided to the Katharagama to restore law and order in the area it has been revealed.

A Person Was Arrested With 23,889 Illegal Cigarette Sticks In Possession

A 33 year old person was arrested by the Airport
customs officers with 23,889 illegal foreign cigarette sticks in his possession at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport yesterday (20).

The estimated value of the stock of Cigarettes taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.1.19 million it has been revealed.

The Airport customs had confiscated the stock of Cigarettes and imposed a fine of Rs.200,000 on the suspect who is a Businessman residing in Kurunagala district.


Climbers Rescued From Snowy Mountain




A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 53 year old person was killed due to a wild elephant
attack at Galeliya in Aralaganwila area last night (20).

The deceased who was a resident of ruhunugama area was killed by the Elephant while he was in his paddy field to chase away Wild Elephants.

Singaporean Prime Minister To Visit Sri Lanka Tomorrow (22)

The Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong is due to arrive
Sri Lanka tomorrow(22) for a two day official visit as per an invitation made by Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena.

This is the first time that a Singaporean Prime Minister visiting Sri Lanka after 13 years and during his visit he is due to hold discussions with President Maithripala Sirisena ,Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and other higher officials of the government.

Prime Minister Lee is also  due to attend a Business session which will be attended by investors and businessmen.

After the bi lateral talks holding between  President Sirisena and Singaporean Prime Minister on tuesday (23)at the Presidential Secretariat a free trade agreement will be signed between Sri Lanka and Singapore it has been announced.

Prime minister Lee is due to leave Sri Lanka on wednesday (24).

Two Persons Were Killed Due To A Vehicle Collision

A Motorcyclist and a Pillion Rider were killed after the
Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a Tipper truck and a vehicle transporting vehicles at Gokarella city in Dambulle-Kurunagala main road.

The critically injured Motorcyclist and the pillion rider who were of the ages 43 and 44 years had succumbed to their injuries after admission to Gokarella hospital.The deceased were residents of Gokarella area and Gokarella police have arrested the Tipper truck driver and the driver of the Other vehicle transported vehicles in connection with the accident.



Uva Chief Minister To Step Down From The Education Minister Post Until The Conclusion Of An Investigations Against Him

The chief minister of Uva Provincial Council Chamara
Sampath Dassanayake has decided to step down from the Education Minister post he holds in the Provincial council temporarily until the conclusion of an investigations against him over the charges of harrassing and insulting the female principal of Tamil Girls School in Badulle.

The Chief Minister is being charged on forcing the female principal to kneeling  down and appoligize over not considering a letter of recommendation he has sent to her to admit a child to the school.

Veteran Journalist And Editor Jatila Wellaboda Passed Away

The veteran Journalist Jatila Wellaboda who held

editor posts in Divaina,Lakbima and Iru Dina newspapers has passed away early this morning(21)at his home due to a sudden heart attack at the age of 57 years.Mr.Jatila begun his career in mid 80's as a

Journalist of Divaina editorial and he also held business editor,news editor and deputy editor posts there .Afterwards he was appointed as the chief editor of Lakbima daily news paper and later worked as an editorial director of Leader publications.he was an instructor of the ITN News channal at the time of his death.

A humble human being in real life 'Jatila Ayya"(Brother)as we called him helped new comers in whatvever possible way  he can during his career in Divaina newspaper.We were fortunate to work under him as new comers some time back in Divaina newspaper.He was one of the few examplery characters in Newspaper industry who had always helped other journalists to shape up their carriers unlike slanderers  in present d…