Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Toxic Substances In Pesticides Have Been Identified As The Cause For Chronicle Kidney Disease In North Central Province

Toxic substances Cadmium,Arsenic and Lead contained in Pesticides have been identified as the main causes for the unidentified   chronicle kidney disease spreading in North Central Province according to Advisor of World Health Organization(WHO) Dr.Mrs.Shanthi Mendis.the WHO Research Report issued Today(26) on Chronicle Kidney Disease in the North Central Province has stated that these toxins have contained in urine of kidney patients in the province in levels sufficient to damage the kidneys.

Cadmium has seen in high levels in waters of North Central Province as well as in food and lead too in sufficient levels Dr.Mendis has said.arsenic too contained in medium level and these substances entered in to human body of people in North Central Province through the food chain she has revealed.

While stating that the WHO Research Team on Chronicle Kidney Disease in North Central Province has not underestimated the research done on the disease by a research team in Kelaniya University recently which found high levels of Arsenic contained in Pesticides and Fertilizers imported to Sri Lanka  has caused the spreading of the disease Dr.Mendis has stressed that WHO it self recommended the government to restrict the using of five imported pesticides contained high levels of arsenic in  Sri Lanka.

Dr.Mendis has revealed this at the launching ceremony of  Research Report on Chronicle Kidney Disease in North Central Province compiled by World Health Organization held at BMICH in Colombo.

Meanwhile addressing at the occasion the MP Of Jathika Hela Urumaya Venerable Athuraliye Rathnasara has  said that Pesticides Imported Companies may have bought  local politicians for money to cover the issue of arsenic contained pesticides and fertilizers the same way tobacco companies have done to our politicians.

Land Powers Should Only Vested With Central Government-Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has today(26) unanimously decided that land powers should be vested with Central Government not with the Provincial Councils as stipulated by the 13th amendment of the Constitution.the three member bench compromising Chief Justice Mohan Pieiris ,Justice Eva Wanasundera and Justice S. Sripavan were given three judgments in this regard by stating that  land powers will be vested only with the central government.

Recently some opposition parties have demanded from the government  that Provincial Councils should have given land and police powers vested with government .

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