Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tienanmen The Image China Forgot


All Shops To Be Closed In Kandy In Support Of Rathana Thero

All Business establushments and shops
are due to be closed down today (03)In support of MP Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero 's continuous fasting campaign according to Kandy Sinhala Trade Front .

All members of the trade front are due to be visitEd  Mahamaluwa today to convey their support to Rathana Thero's fasting programme which entered it's fourth day today .

Tamil Trade Organization in Kandy too expeessed it's support to  the Sinhala Trade front for the Harthal campaign in support of Rathana Thero it has been announced . 


A person.Was Arrested Whilst Attempting To Smuggle 05 Million Japanese Yen Notes To Japan

Airport Customs officers have arrested
a 38 year old person who had attempted to smuggle Five million Japanese yen (More than Rs.8.1 million )illegally to Japan at the Katunayake International Airport .

The suspect had attempted to leave NaRita International Airport in Japan at the time of his arrest .Customs are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

Public Is Being Advised to Stay Away One Kilo Meter Area of The Beach Between Wellawatta To Mount Lavinia Due To An Oil Slick

The Ocean Enviornmental Protection Authority  has advised the public to stay away around one Kilo Meter area of the Beach from Wellawatta to Mount Lavinia due to the sea water being affected by an oil slick .

A black oil slick has been visible in the sea area this morning(02) and those who came for exercises in the beach area had faced enormous difficulties due to this oil slick it has been reported.

As investigations are underway regarding the oil slick public Is being advised to stay away from the one Kilo. Meter area of the Beach from Wellawatta to Mount Lavinia area .

Meanwhile authorities have taken steps to remove the oil slick with buckets this evening according to reports .



A Construction Engineer Had Been Arrested Over Supporting Thowheeth Jamaath At Dehiwala

A special Police team of Horowpathana
Police lead by Horowpathana Police OIC Had today (02)arrested a 53 year old Construction Engineer Mohommad Sahif Nazruddin over giving financial aid and encouragement to build Muslim Mosques of National Thowheeth Jamaath Organization at Kawudana road in.Dehiwala .

The suspect who had worked as a construction engineer in Saudi Arabia  for more then 10 years  had been  supported to build Mosques  in Patthawa at Horowpathana and allawa in Kabithigollawa for Thowheeth Jamaath Organization  it has been revealed.

The suspect who had close links with Mohommad Zahran and Abu bucker of Thowheeth Jamaath is due to be questioned under 72 hour detention orders.Police are also conducting an investigations to find out how the suspect had accumulated  a large sum of money  to help building Mosques.

Two Buddhist Monks Joined TNA MP Viyalendren's Fasting Campaign In Support Of Rathana Thero's Fasting Campaign

Two Buddhist Monks attached to
Dimbulagala Aranya SenaSanaya (Temple) Venerable Devagala Devalankara and Dimbulagala Rahula lankara Theros have today (02)joined the Fasting campaign launched by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S.Viyalendran and few others  at Batticaloa in support of the continuous fasting  campaign launch launched by Athuraliye Rathana Thero.

The Two Buddhist Monks demanding the Prime Minister and the President to remove the Eastern and Western Provincial Governors And Minister Rishad Baduideen who are supporting extremism and rescue Sinhala and Tamil people in Eastern province from Muslim extremists.

TNA MP Viyalendren along with his assistants had launched the fasting campaign yesterday in support of Rathana Thero.

Meanwhile a Tamil.worker had begun a Sathyagraha campaign at Batticaloa in support of Rathana Thero's fasting campaign .

Galagodaatte Thero Had Given Government Until 12 Noon Tomorrow (03)To Remove Eastern /Western Provincial Governors And Minister Baduideen From Their Posts

The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala
Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Has stated today (02)at Kandy that The struggle launched by MP Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero will be expanded island wide if the government will not be able to remove the Governors Of Eastern and Western Provinces M.A L.A.M Hisbulla and Azath Zally and the Minister  of Commerce Rishad Baduideen before 12 noon tomorrow (03).

The two Governors and the Minister mentioned above have links with extremism and therefore they should be removed from their posts as demanded by Athuraliye Rathana Thero who is currently on a continuous fast at Mahamaluwa in Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy since last friday morning .

Rathana Thero Has launched the fasting campaign demanding the removal of Governors of Eastern and Western Provinces and Minister Rishad Baduideen and appointing an independent Board to conduct allegations against Dr.Safi.

Today Galagodaatte  Thero along with other Buddhist Monks attached to Bodu Bala Sena Organization had paid a visit to see Rathana Thero who is in faSt  at Dalada Maligawa.


Helicopters Join Search Of Eight Missing Climbers At Himalaya Mountains

STF Personal Had Arrested A Person Involved In Extremist Activities By Impersonating An Army Intelligence Official

Special Police Task Force (STF)Personal
had arrested a person Mohommadu Nizar Imran allias John Wolk who had impersonated  an Army intelligence officer and mislead the Residents  today (02)at Soyza pura flats in Moratuwa.

The suspect believes to be involved in extremist activities by misleading the Residents of the area .STF Personal had taken in to custody A stock of equipment including a sword,03 laptops ,two cameras and a Drone in possession of the suspect. He had been handed over to the Organized Crimes Prevention Division for further investigations according to STF.


61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...