Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Lifting Lockdowns Could See The Corona Virus Reignite -WHO Says

Only Two Passangers Will Be Allowed To Travel.In A Three Wheeler

Government has decided to allow only
two passangers to travel in a Three Wheeler and close down all barber shops throughout the island in view of preventing the spreading of corona virus in the country.

The decision to close all.barber shops in the island has been taken after a barber among those sent to quarantine centers from Keselwatte area had been tested positive for corona virus .

Now authorities are on the search to find out around 60 persons who had cut their hairs from the barber .

Government has also ordered to close down all liquor shops in the island until further notice according to a request made by many sections in.the society.

As consumimg liquor and smoking cause the looosing of immunity which is essential when fighting against corona virus several doctors in the country has criticized over allowing to  open liquor shops in many parts of the country after lifting the curfew in 22 districts last Monday .


12 Villages In Polonnaruwa District Had Been LockedDown Until Further Notice Due To A Corona Positive

Health Authorities had taken steps to
locked down 12 villages in lankapura Divisional Secretariet with immediatre affect after A navy soldier in the area  who is on leave had been tested positive for corona virus today (22).

Accordingly no one will  be able to enter or leave from these lockeddown  villages until further notice .

The corona positive reported from Polonnaeuwa District is firrst positive to be identified with the virus from the district and now Corona positives had been identified from 16 Districts in the country  .

However still the virus is not spreading in the local  community according to Health Officials .

Another 08 Corona Positives Confirmed Late Night -20 Positives Reported Today Increased The Total Number Of Positives To 330.

Another 08 corona virus positives had been identified from the country late night today (22)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported here to 330 according to the Epidemeology Unit .

20 Corona virus positives had been identified from the country during today the unit has stated .

Out of the 20 Corona virus positives reported today 11 of them are from Beruwala area ,01 from polonnaruwa and another 01 from Suduwella ,Ja-Ela .

At present 218 Corona positives are being treated at 04 government hospitals .

 Meanwhile 03  corona Virus positives had been dischsrged from hoapitals today .Accoriingly the total number of corona virus positives dischsrged from hospitals had been increased to 105.

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Fourteen Estate Workers Had Been Injured Due To A Wasp Attack

Fourteen estate workers attached to 
two Tea estates in Norwood area   had been injured and hospitalized today (22)due to A Wasp attack according To reports .

These workers had been admitted to Dikoya Base Hospital for treatment .

The workers had faced this incident during using fertelizer for tea plants it has been revealed  

Corona Virus- Sinhapore's Migrant Workers Are Living In Fear


Another Corona Positive Identified Ftom The Country

Another Corona virus positive had been reported from Polonnaruwa District this evening (22)increasing the number of corona positives reported from the country to 322.

The latest corona positive had been identfied whilst receiving treatment in Polonnaruwa General Hospital .Seven corona positives had been reported from the country today up to now .

11 Corona Positives Reported Today (22)-02 Others Recovered And Discharged

Eleven New corona virus positives had been identified and two other corona virus positives that have been fully recoverd had been discharged by 2 p.m today (22)according to the Epidemeology Unit .

Accordingly the total number of Corona Virus positives identified from the country had risen to 321 today as 11 corona positives from Beruwala area in Kalutara District who are under quarantine at quarantine centers   had been tested positive  for the virus today .

All these positives are relatives of a recently identified corona positive in Beruwela according to reports .

Another two corona virus positives had been discharged from hospitals after fully recovered and the total number of positives so far recovered and dischatged from hospitals is now stands as 104 .

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...