Friday, May 17, 2019



A Stock Of Cartridges Recovered From Kekirawa

Security forces have yesterday 
(17)recovered a stock of cartridges in cluding Anti Aircraft cartridges and a u uniform similar to the jungle uniform of Army hidden near a bridge at Madatugama in KEKIRAWA.

05 MPMG Cartridges ,04  Anti Aircraft Cartridges and parts of Cartridges among the stock of cartridges recovered from the area.The havanthannegama Collage is located few hundred meters away from the area where the cartridges have been recovered .

The stock had handed over to Kekirawa Police for further investigations

Sri Lanka Does Not Required Sharia Universities -Prime Minister

Sri Lanka does not required a sharia
type of Universities and accordance to Universities act everyone should be accessed  to University education without barriers Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe says .

Prime Mimister has revealed this during a meeting held at his official Residence "Temple Trees "in Colombo yesterday  (17) to discuss on the proposed drat resolution on regulating All Islamic Educational Institutes including Madrusa  Institutes in Sri Lanka with Minister of  Muslim Affairs Abdul Haleem and officials of the legal draftsman s office

Further discussions will be held regarding the proposed resolution and revised draft resolution  will be submitted  to Cabinet afterwards Prime Minister has stressed .

A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 35 year old person had been killed
due to a Wild Elephant attack at Koslanda Watta yesterday (17) it has been reported.

The deceased who was a resident of Koslanda watte had faced this incident whilst walking in a road near a Tea Factory  it has been revealed .



Local Tourists Allowed To Visit Sigiriya Free of Charge For Three Days

To mark the  Vesak Festival and National Museum day local tourists will be allowed to visit Historical Sigiriya fortress Cultural site  and the Museum free of charge from today(18), tomorrow  (19) and on Monday  (20) according to Central Cultural fund.

An exhibition displaying the objects  with archelogical value discovered  from the Sigiriya cultural site through excavations and Educational workshops are also due to be held in these days .


Today (18)is the holiest day of the  Buddhist Callander the "Vesak" which marks the birth, enlightment and demise(Parnirvana ) of Lord Buddha the greatest philosopher who founded the Buddhism. In Sri Lanka today is Vesak full moon poya day and the national Vesak festival is currently being held at Hikkaduwa (Southern Province ).

Government has declared Monday the 20 th of May as a public holiday due to  Vesak falls on Saturday .
For more on Vesak visit -

Teachers And Parents Of A Popular Girls School In Kandy Staged A Protest Against Muslim Teachers Refused Wear A Saree

Teachers and parents of a popular girls
school in Kandy have yesterday  (17) staged a protest in front of the school against 05 female Muslim Teachers who had refused to wear a saree or an accepted cloth exposing the face  to work it has been reported .

05 out of the 15 female Muslim teachers of the school were not allowed to enter the school by protesting teachers and parents  due to their refusal to wear a saree or other accepted Cloth.

Meanwhile Central Province governor MaithrI Gunaratna has stated although government has banned the wearing of  face covering Cloths imcluding   burka wearing a saree is not made compulsory by the law.

Earlier similar incident occurred at Puwakpitya Tamil school when the parents have not allowed several Muslim female teachers to enter the school by wearing covered Cloths. 

Police Have Arrested Sex Workers During A Raid At SPA In Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia Police have arrested 08
sex workers during a raid carried out in a Brothel house maintained on the pretext of a massage center (SPA) at Mount Lavinia Police division today (17).

The sex workers arrested in the Brothel house are of the ages 38 to 58 residing in Padukka ,Moronthuduwa,Benthota, Nugegoda and Imbulgoda areas it has been revealed. 

Minister Rishad Baduideen Accepted That He Has Phoned Army Commander

Minister of Industries and Commerce Rishad Baduideen has today (17) accepted that he had called Army Commander Lt.General Mahesh  Senanayake to ask on a Terrorist  suspect arrested in Dehiwala .

However the Minister has denied the reports appeared in media that he had influenced the Army Commander to release a suspect .

Meanwhile Joint Opposition has handed over a no confidence motion against Minister Baduideen to  the speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday  (16) first allegation out of 10 allegations in the motion is  Minister Baduideen has influenced the Army Commander to release a suspect.

The no confidence motion was signed by 64 MP's.

Tenth Suspect Arrested From A Copper Factory Owned By Cinnamon Grand Bomber Had Been Further Remanded

Colombo Additional Magistrate
Priyantha Liyanage has today (17)further remanded the 10th suspect arrested from Copper factory in Wellampitiya owned by Cinnamon Grand Hotel Bomber, until 30 th of May .

The suspect  Rajendra  Abdul  was produced before Additional Magistrate today .

Altogether 10 workers attached to Copper Factory in Wellampitiya where the bombs believed to manufactured for Easter Sunday attacks had been arrested by Wellampitiya Police over the attacks ,However 09 suspects had been granted bail by the same magistrates Liyanage.

It has been revealed that Wellampitiya Police not have submitted required evidence to the Court to  keep the suspects in remand and therefore additional Magistrate has released them on bail.

Copper factory in.Wellampitiya was owned by Mohommad Ibrahim Insaf Ahmed who was blasted himself at Cinnamon Grand Hotel on Easter Sunday 




A School Principal And A Teacher In Horowpathana Arrested Over Their Direct Links With Easter Sunday Bombers-Court Allowed Police To Held Them 72 Hours

Horowpathana Police have arrested a
56 year old School principal and a teacher at Horowpathana today (17)over their direct inks to the Easter Sunday bombers and Banned National Thowheeth Jamaath Organization.

The arrests were made accordance to the information provided to Horowpathana Police OIC by the Western Provincial Council intelligence unit.

After being produced before the Kabithigollawa Magistrate Court ,MagIstrate has given permission to Horowpathana POLICE OIC to held them 72 hours for questioning.

The two suspects have direct links to Thowheeth Jammarh Organization  and Suicide bombers it has been revealed during Police Investigations. 

A Cabinet Proposal TO Add Rs.15,000 Allowance To The MP's Pension

A Cabinet proposal to add Rs.15,000
allowance to the pension entitled to retired MP's and widowers of deceased  retired MP's has been submitted to the Cabinet for approval by Minister of Lands and parliamentary reforms Gayantha Karunathilake according to sources .

If this proposal receives approval retired MP's and widowers of retired MP''s will be received an increased pension of little more than Rs.50,000 for doing nothing .

Whilst government employees receives the pension after commitTed half of their lives for the work Government MP's automatically entitled to the pension after completing five years in service for doing nothing for the country and people (except few MP's)it has been revealed .

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