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Can Someone Really Die Of A Broken Heart?


Eastern Provincial Government Hospital Nurses To Launch Two Day Token Strike Next Week

Nurses attached to the all Government Hospitals in
Eastern Province are due to launch a two day strike on 05th and 06th of January by demanding solutions for their long standing demands including correcting the transfer irregularities of Nurses  according to the Government Nursing Officers Association.

Around 1200 Eastern Provincial Government Hospital Nurses are due to participate the two day strike the Association has stated.


A 71 Year Old Cyclist Was Killed Due To A Bicycle-Lorry Collision

A 71 year old cyclist was killed due to the bicycle he
was riding collided with a lorry travelling to Matara infront of the vocational training center on Matara-New Tangalle Road (Southern Province).

Police have arrested the lorry driver regarding the accident.

Unprotected Railway Gate Keepers To Launch 24 Hour Island Wide Token Strike Tomorrow (30)

The unprotected Railway Gate Keepers throughout the
island are due to launch a 24 hour island wide token strike from 6 a.m tomorrow (31) to 6 a.m on Sunday (01) according to Unprotected Raiway Gate Keepers Union.

The 24 hour token strike will be launched by demanding to increase the allowance of Unprotected Railway Gate Keepers from Rs.5000 to Rs.7500 the Union has stressed.

Due to the strike a large number of unprotected Railway Crossings throughout the island will become unsafe the authorities have stated.

President Sirisena Has Instructed The Authorities To Declare Wilpaththu Wild Life Park As A Wild Life Zone

President Maithripala Sirisena has today
(30)instructed the relevant authorities to expand the Wiplaththu  National Wild Park further and declared it as a wild life zone which includes the wild lands attached to the park through a gazette notification.

President Sirisena has also instructed the authorities not to allow anyone to clear the forests  in the country at any cost and take a legal action against anyone who is responsible for such acts without considering his/her status during a meeting held with institutional heads attached to Enviornment Ministry today (30)at president's office.

"A programme should be prepared to observe all  forest areas in the country including Wilpaththu regularly  from air with  assistance of modern technology " president has stressed at the meeting.

A Psychiatrist Attached To A Colombo Private Hospital Hospitalized Following A Stab Incident

A 41 year old Psychiatrist attached to a private hospital in Slave
Island (Colombo) has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)of the hospital after being stabbed by a person believed to be one of his patients this evening (30l according to the police.

The Psychiatrist who received severe stab injuries due to the knife attack had undergone surgery this evening it has been reported.

The Security officers attached to the hospital with the help of those present  had caught the suspect   while he was on the run after the stabbing incident and handed him  over to  the police.

The suspect had assaulted the Psychiatrist on last Oc tober  too ,however his arrest was prevented by the Doctor himself due  to the health condition of the suspect it has been revealed.

A 46 Year Old Person Was Drowned In Seas Off Pasikuda

drowned සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලA 46 year old person was drowned off the sea coast of Pasikuda(Eastern Province) while bathing yesterday(29) evening.

The deceased was drowned while bathing with a group of persons according to the Kalkuda Police. Deceased was a resident of Hathugoda in Gampola(Central Province) the Police have stated.


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A Youth Who Was Arrested And Remanded Over Making Death Threats To Three Country Leaders Through FB Released On Bail

COURT ORDER සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThe Youth who was arrested and remanded over making death threats to President,Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader in the Country has been released on bail today(30) by the Colombo Additional Magistrate Aruni Atygala.

The suspected Youth was released on two personal bails of Rs.100,000 each by the Magistrate after been produced before the Court today.

However the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)had opposed the granting of bail to the suspects as the investigation are still underway regarding the incident.

The case  is due to be taken up for hearing on 13th of January.

Navy Have Arrested Ten Local Fishermen Who Were Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

remanded සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලSri Lanka Navy Personal have arrested 10 local fishermen who were illegally fishing in Sri Lankan seas off  Mannar(Northern Province) by using banned fishing nets.

Accordingly Navy Personal have arrested 05 local fishermen involved in illegal fishing near Ceynor Jetty in Mandathivu and another 05 fishermen were arrested at Thalvupadu in Mannar.

The arrested Fishermen along with banned fishing nets used by them were handed over to the Fisheries Inspectors Office at Mandathivu and the assistant fisheries director's offcie  in Mannar for future course of action.

Five Imprisoned Policemen Were Further Remanded Over The Killing Of Two Jaffna University Students

remanded සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
The fiver Policemen who were arrested and remanded over the killing of two Jaffna University Students  had been further remanded until 13th of January by the Jaffna District Court Judge S.Sadeeshwaren.

The Jaffna District Judge had also rejected a request made regarding   granting of bail for the five suspected Policemen  .

The Judge has also directed the authorities to keep the five suspects in Anuradhapura(North Central Province) Prison and provide them the required security.

The suspected Policemen were arrested and remanded over the killing of two Jaffna University Students on 21st of October at Chunnakam,Jaffna.


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