Monday, April 9, 2012

Government Hospital PSM's Threatening To Launch TU Action After 19th Of April

The Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM's)have decided to launch an island wide continuous work to rule campaign and sick note campaign  after 19th of April demanding solutions for three of their service demands according to Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine .

The Executive Committee of the Joint Council which  met yesterday (09) has decided to launch this series of trade union actions after 19th the Council sources said.

The continuous island wide strike launched by Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine demanding solutions for 10 service demands on 13th of March  was forced to suspend on 22nd of March following the enjoining order issued by Colombo District Court.

Finance Ministry Began Probe On Alleged Rs.I Billion Financial Fraud Occurred During Purchasing Surgical Gloves

The Ministry Of Finance has conducting an investigations on the alleged Rs. 1 billion financial fraud occurred during local purchasing of Surgical Gloves to Government Hospitals last year (2011) the ministry sources said today (09).

According to sources the Finance Ministry has began  inquiring on the amount of surgical gloves Hospitals bought last year and the  money they spent on that .

Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Called Off Their Scheduled Strike

The Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association has called off their planned two day  strike scheduled on today (09) and tomorrow(10) after the authorities have agreed to increase their fee rates as requested  the association has announced.

During the discussion held between   Petroleum Minister and Private Bowser Owners Association yesterday the minister has agreed to met their demand.

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