Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Babies' Brains Damaged By Pollution, Unicef Says


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Fixed Retail Prices Were Introduced For Four Essential Commodities

The Consumer Affairs Authority had introduced a
fixed retail prices for Dhal,Coconuts , imported Potatoes and Dry Fish as per a decision taken by the Life Index Committee with effect from today (06).

Accordingly A Kilo Gramme of Dhal should be sold for Rs.130,A Coconut for Rs.75 . A Kilo Gramme of Imported Potatoes for Rs.76 and A Kilo Gramme of Dry Fish will be fixed depending on the variety as with effect from today and the Gazette Notification has been issued regarding this today according to the Authority.

The Cabinet has also discussed on the fixed retail prices of these essential commodities during it's meeting held yesterday(05).

Court Ordered To Destroy 31,000 Low Quality CFL Bulbs

The Consumer Affairs Authority had taken in to

custody around 31,000 CFL Bulbs which were stored in the market for sale and  in low quality  with changed information and produced them before the Mount
Lavinia Magistrate Court.

The Magistrate Court had ordered the authorities to destroy the stock of CFL Bulbs as per the recommendation  of Central Enviornmental Authority according to the Consumer Affairs Authority.

A Colombo Resident Has Died After Drowning In Dikoya Canal

A 36 year old Colombo Resident was drowned in

Dikoya Canal while bathing with a  foreign couple  this noon (06).

The deceased was drowned in a deep hole area in the canal and later his body was recovered by the foreign couple who were bathing with him  it has been reported.

He had stayed in a Holiday resort with the foreign couple few days before the incident it has been revealed.

The body of the deceased had sent to Dikoya Base Hospital.

An Earthquake Of 5.5 Magnitude Hits Uttarakand,India


Hawaii Avocado: Huge 'Head-Sized' Fruit In World Record Bid


A 15 Hour Water Cut To Be Imposed In Rajagiriya And Surrounding Areas From Saturday

Image result for water cutA 15 hour long Water cut is due to be imposed  on Rajagiriya and surrounding areas and roads from 2 p.m on Saturday(09) to 5 a.m on Sunday(10th) due to an essential renovation work according to the National Water Supplies and Drainage Board.

Accordingly the water cut will be imposed in Rajagiriya,Obeysekarapura,Bandaranayakepura,
Moragasmulle along with Open University,Nawala ,It's main road and in all sub roads the Board has stated.

Cabinet Approved A Proposal On Performing Emergency Cardiac Surgeries Of Colombo National Hospital In Private Hospitals

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Cabinet has approved a Joint proposal submitted by the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne to the Cabinet over performing emergency Cardiac Surgeries of Colombo National Hospital through Private Hospitals at the cost of government until the reconstruction work of the two Cardiac Theaters of Colombo,National Hospital completed according to the Co-Cabinet Spokesman MP Gayantha Karunathilake.

Accordingly the Heart Patients attached to the National Hospital who are due to undergo  an emergency  cardiac surgeries will be transferred to Private Hospitals which equipped with essential facilities MP Karunathilake has stated.

The Cardiac Surgeries of National Hospital are currently performs in Kotte ,Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital.
At present the Cardiac Surgeries performs in Colombo National Hospital  including Bypass Surgeries had been suspended due to the reconstruction work of two old theaters attached to the Cardio Thoracic Unit .

Earlier the Hospital authorities had announced that the suspended Surgeries will be performed in a theater attached to the Epilepsy Unit of the Hospital and another Theater until the reconstruction work has completed. 

Two Member Judge Panel Of Court Of Appeal Had Rejected Dr.Padeniya's Request Of Free Him From Contempt Of Court Charges

Image result for contempt of court chargesThe two member Judge Panel of the Court Of Appeal has today(06)rejected the request made by the President of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) to free him from the Contempt Of Court charges.

The request of the Dr.Padeniya had been rejected by the Judge Panel comprising with Chairman of the Court Of Appeal l..T.B Dehideniya and Judge Shiran Gunaratne.

Social Activists Gamini Viyangoda and Professor Sarath Wijesuriya had filed a court case against Dr.Padeniya by accusing him of Contempt Of Court over cirticizng the Court Of Appeal's judgement against the SAITM ,during a public meeting held in Colombo last April.

By rejecting the request of Dr.Padeniya ,the Court Of Appeal has decided to take up the case filed against Dr.Padeniya for hearing on 10th of March 2018.

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Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...