Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midwives Launched An Island Wide Strike By Demanding The Suspending Of Midwifery Training To Nurses

The Maternity/Child Care advisory services in rural areas and new born deliveries in labor rooms are badly affected due to the island wide continuous strike launched by Midwives today(30) according to the health sources.around 8700 midwives throughout the island launched this indefinite strike by demanding the suspending of midwifery training given to nurses.

The Health Ministry Officials have adapted a double strategy regarding the issue of midwifery training given to nurses and they have clearly given the approval for the training while trying to show to the public that  they are not supporting it the president of Government Midwives Union Mrs.Devika Kodituwakku has said.

Thousands of midwives have staged a satyagraha campaign in front of the Health Ministry in Colombo yesterday(29) by demanding the suspension of midwifery
training to the nurses.

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