Friday, November 17, 2017

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A Person Was Arrested Over Attempting To Bribe Police

Malimbada Police have arrested a 44 year old person
over attempting to give Rs.15,000 as a bribe to Police officers to prevent his arrest at the Police station.

The Suspect is a resident of Veyangoda area and he is due to be produced before the Matara Magistrate court today (18).

Police Have Arrested 19 Persons Regarding The Attacks In Ginthota

Police have arrested 19 persons regarding the attacks

occurred in Ginthota,Galle last night (16) according to the Police Media Spokesman Police Superintendant Ruwan Gunasekare.

Police have also lifted the  Police Curfew imposed in Kurunduwatte ,Mahahapugala,Piyadigama,Welipitimodara Rukwatte and Ginthota areas and after restoring law and order in these areas he had stated.

Police Special Task force personal have been deployed in these areas to strngthen security it has been reported.

Wild Life Officers Recovered A Body Of An Elephant In Welikanda

The Wild Life officers attached to the Welikande Wild
Life office had yesterday (17)recovered a body of a Wild Elephant who died as a result of receiving wounds caused due to consuming of  "Hakkapatas" in Ruwanpitiya,Welikande area.

The deceased Elephant was around 30 years old according to Wild Life Officials.


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Fisheries Mimistry Had Taken Into Custody 167 Kilo Grammes Of Fish Killed By Using Dynamite

The Special Investigations Unit of Ministry Of Fisheries
and Aquatic Resources Development had taken into custody around 167 Kilo Grammes of Fish killed by using banned method Dynamite at Paliyagoda Fish Market yesterday (17).

Killing Fish by using Dynamate is banned in Sri Lanka and the fish killed by using Dynamite is not suitable for human consumption according to the Fisheries Ministry.

Meanwhile Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera had instructed officials to investigate on the suppliers who are supplying fish killed by using Dynamite and other banned methods to paliyagoda and other fish markets.


Fire Brigade Doused The Fire In Meethotamulle Garbage Dump

The Colombo Fire Brigade has completely doused the
fire suddenly erupted this morning in top of the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump by this evening (17).

The Fire Brigade has used two fire trucks to douse the fire.No casualties has been reported as there's no houses around the area where fire had been erupted.

Police Curfew Has Been Imposed In Five Areas In Galle Due To A Tense Situation

Due to a tense situation occurred as a result of a group
of armed persons covered their faces with masks arrived in from outside area attacked and severely damaged  several houses and shops in Ginthota area in Galle few hours ago,Police curfew has  imposed in five Rural Development divisions (Grama Seva Divisions)in Galle until 9 a.m tomorrow (18) Police have announced.

Accordingly Police Curfew has been imposed in Kurunduwatte,Mahahapugala,Ukwatte,Welipitimodara and Piyadigama divisions.

Gun shots were heard from Ginthota area and a group of persons armed with clubs and swords attacked houses and shops in the area according to the residents.

Police special task force personal have been deployed in police srations at Ginthota to control the situation.

Police have advised the people in the area to calm down and not believe in rumours spread by some groups.

After a brawl occurred on Thursday night a group of armed persons attacked and damaged properties in the area and Inspector General Of Police Pujitha Jayasundare has adviced the police officers to take stern action against those who break the law .

A youth Has Been Drowned In Lolugama Oya While Bathing

A 22 year old youth has been drowned and
disappeared  after drifting away with strong currents while bathing in Lolugama Oya in Rangala,Nuwara Eliya with three of his friends last evening (16).

The drowned Youth has been identified as a resident of Madiwaka,Ududumbara area.

Navy and Police have launched a search operation to find out the drowned youth.

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A Fire Has Erupted In Top Of The Meethotamulle Grabage Dump

Image result for meethotamulla garbage dump
The Colombo Fire Brigade officers are currently engaging in dousing a fire suddenly erupted in the top of the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump this morning(17) it has been reported.

Two Fire Trucks with Fire Fighters had reached the site ,However facing difficulties to reach the top of the Dump according to reports.

There's no threat of spreading the fire into other places as no houses there around the place where fire has occurred according to the Police.

Customs Taken Into Custody A Stock Of Illegally Imported Glyphosate Powder Inside Of A Container In Orugodawatte

Image result for glyphosate Sri Lanka Customs have today(17) taken into custody 656 Kilo Grammes of banned Glyphosate Powder which  use to manufacture fertilizer imported illegally by the importer through misleading authorities at Orugodawatte Container Yard.

The Importer had imported the banned Glyphosate Powder to Sri Lanka from India by informed the Customs that he imported a stock of Potatoes it has been rvealed.Customs Officers who had raided the Container yard had recovered a stock of Potatoes and a banned Stock of Green Chillies inside the Container which contains Glyphosate Powder.

The Estimated value of the stock of Glyphosate recovered is around Rs.3.3 million it has been revealed.

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An Arrest Warrant Issued To Arrest Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To USA Jaliya Wikramasuriya

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has today(17)  issued an arrest warrant  to arrest former Sri Lankan Ambassador  to United States Of America (USA) Jaliya Wikramsuriya who had gone to USA for medical treatment and not appear before the court as scheduled.

Image result for jaliya wickramasuriyaThe former Sri Lankan Ambassador Wikramsuriya was arrested and remanded over cheating US Dollars 130,000 belonging to Sri Lankan government when purchasing a building to the Sri Lankan Embassy in USA while he was the Ambassador  was granted bail by the court to receive medical treatment in abroad for two month period.

However after completing two month stay in USA The former Ambassador has been reported as arrested while attempting to flee to another country the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has informed the Court today(17).

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...