Monday, May 7, 2018

Is Social Media Messing With Our Emotions


President Says He Will Not Resign From Politics At The End Of His Current Term

President Maithripala Sirisena has
stated yesterday(07)that he will not resign from politics in 2020 at the end of his current term of presidency and will engage in politics further.

Addressing the May day rally held at Venkalady Grounds in Batticaloa, He said that there are still lots of things to be done to maintain national unity in the country.

When he came to power in 2015 President Sirisena has pledged that he will resign from politics at the end of his current term.

Authorities Have Cleared The Ella-Wellawaya Road Which Blocked Due To The Soil Mounds And Rocks

Authorities have cleared the Ella-
Wellwaya road which completely blocked since last evening(07) due to the collapse of Soill and rocks to the road it has been reported.

Officials of the Road Development Authority along with the Army and Police had removed the soil and rocks on the road by using backo.machines belongs to the Uma Oya project it has been revealed.

Although road was cleared now, authorities have requested the motorists to be vigilant when driving as still  there's a threat of collapsing soil mounds and rocks .

Enhanced Warm Weather To Be Experienced In Three Provinces And A District Tomorrow(08)

  •  Enhanced warm weather will be experienced in three provinces and a District tomorrow(08) according to the Meteorology  Department .

Accordingly enhanced warm Weather will affect to North,East and Uva provinces as well as Polonnaruwa District the Department has stated.Authorities have warned the People in these areas to be vigilant over the situation.


Hawai Volcano Destroys Dozens Of Houses

Many Familes Strucked In Their Houses In Haldummulla And Some Families Removed From Houses In Haputale Due To Landslide Threats

Nearly ninty familes in.Haldummulla

area have been strucked in their houses due to the closure of Haldummulla-Ginigathgala road as a result of landslide risk and Nindagala-Kalupahana road due to a landslide it has been reported.

Authorities are currently planning to make an alternative route for the residents it has been reported.

Meanwhile around fourteen families in Galkanda area of Haputale have been shifted to a school in Galkanda due to a landslide threat occurred in the area disaster management center has said.


An Owner Of A Sewing Center In Kolonna Was Hospitalized Due To A Fire Erupted In The Center

Due to a  sudden explosion and a fire
erupted in a ready made garment Sewing Center  in Kolonna ,Ratnapura last night(06), the owner of the Center was injured  and hospitalized and A Three wheeler and a Bus parked near the Sewing Center  had been damaged it has been reported

The injured owner of the Center was admitted to the Suriyakanda Hospital for treatment.

Police have launched an investigation over the incident.

A 12 Year Old Boy Was Killed After Colliding With A Van

A 12 year old boy was killed after
colliding with a Van this evening(07) at Nagawilluwa area in Puttalam-Colombo  road .

The boy who was a resident of Nagawilluwa area had faced this incident while walking with his sister in the road  after visiting  a trade stall at Nagavilluwa area .

The van had fled away from the area soon after the incident, However  captured by the Police later at Puttalam with the help of some youth motorcyclists it has been reported.

A Six Member Gang Was Arrested Regarding The Steeling Of A Valuable Medal.From The House Of Dr.Lester James Pieris

A six member gang was arrested by the

Bambalapitiya Police this morning(07) over the steeling of a Valuable medal from the house of late film maker Dr.Lester James Pieris in Thimbirigasyaya .

The six suspects have been later ordered to be remanded until 21 st of May by the Colombo Additional.Magistr
ate after being produced before him.

Police have also recovered the valuable mobile phone stolen from the late Dr.Pieris's house while sold it to Rs.4000 it has been revealed.The suspects have been arrested with the help of the CCTV Cameras fixed out side dr
Poeris's house according to reports.

The suspects were involved in steeling valuable goods from the funeral houses of popular personal since some time  it has been revealed during Police investigations.

Two of the remanded suspects were ordered to be produced for an identification parade regarding the robbery at the House Of Dr.Lester James Pieris on 21 st of May. 

Karandagolla Area In Ella-Wellawaya Road Has Been Completely Blocked Due To Collapsing Of Soil Mounds And Rocks

Due to the collapsing of Soil mounds
and Rocks in to the road 11 th post at Karandagolla area in Ella-Wellawaya road has been completely blocked at the moment it has been reported.

Soil mounds and Rocks had fallen in to the road due to the heavy showers prevailing in the area according to authorities.As a result of this situation motorists have been advised to use an alternative routes.

Officials of the Road Decelopment Authority along with Police and Army are currently engaged in removing the soil and rocks fallen in to the road.

Train Drivers To Launch A Strike From.Tomorrow(08)

Train  Drivers Union has decided
to launch an Island Wide strike from midnight tomorrow(08)over salary anomalies according to the union.

Authorities are delaying the solving salary anomalies of Train drivers the Union has stated.



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