Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Around One Thousand One Hundrad Fifty IDP'S Admitted To Hospitals Due To Infections

Around 1150 In displaced People(IDP'S) who were returned from rebel held areas hospitalized due to the infections they are having Ministry of Health says to day.these people were admitted to five hospitals including trincomalee and vavuniya general hospitals.around 15 small children were treated for their infections at the colombo lady ridgway hospital and they are now recovered fully according to the hospital doctors.
For providing maximum security and treatment facilities to these in displaced persons the resident patients of trincomalee and vavuniya hospitals are to transfered to near by hospitals.Health ministry to day decided to send around 1500 nursing students who are to received the appointments as nurses shortly to the centers where IDP'S are staying.

Sri Lankans In Denmark To Hold A Protest Campaign In Front Of Danish Parliment

Sri Lankans and their friends in denmark are due to hold a protest campaign in front of Danish parliment, falkstinget this friday urging the security and freedom of the In displaced tamil civilians who are still trapped in rebel held areas in the northern sri lanka.these in displaced people should allow to return to the government held areas without any barrier organizers of this protest said.they also requesting to supply essential goods including food,drugs etc, to these people without any shortage.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...