Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Millions Of Rupees Worth Lab Equipment And Chemicals In Hospital Path Labs Are In Decay And Prone To Be Stolen Due To Lack Of Storage Facilities

The millions of rupees worth Laboratory Equipments and chemicals supplied to Government Hospital Path Labs   are in decay and prone to be stolen  due to the limited storage facilities available in hospital labs to store them according to Sri Lanka Medical Laboratory Technology Officers Association.the association has also said that due to the limited number of space available to store these equipment and chemicals they have stored in an insecure manner .

In some of the government hospitals the space that can be used to store lab equipments and chemicals have been utilized by higher officials of the hospitals for their personal use association has revealed.

" Lab Equipment in some hospital path labs   were even stolen and the chief/senior medical laboratory technical officers who are in charge of path lab stores are the ones who became  victims on this and they  have paid a compensation from their salaries for such damages many times in the past "a senior member of the association Mr.Saman Jayasekera has these chief medical laboratory technology officers have not received a special allowance for their duties like inventory officers who are in charge of other hospital stores the medical laboratory technical officers association has requested the health ministry to pay a special allowance for their officers also.

Also the association has informed the ministry to allocate enough space for storage facilities in path labs  on the newly built hospital buildings.

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