Monday, October 31, 2011

Health Secretary And SLMC President Says Malabe Private Medical College Is An Illegal Institute

Both the Health Ministry Secretary and President of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) informed the Private Hospital owners today that the Private Medical College based in Malabe is an Illegal Institution according to the Assistant Secretary of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Upul Gunesekera.

He stressed that when the Health Secretary met with Six Private Hospital owners today(31) at the Health Ministry he told that the Malabe Private Medical College is an Illegal Institution which has not yet been recognized.

Meanwhile the Medical Students attached to the six Medical Faculties in the Country hold a protest campaign in front of the Nawaloka Hospital this morning when  a news broke out on the Clinical Training is to be offered to a batch of students attached to Malabe Pvrivate Medical Collage through the said hospital from today(31).However the Nawaloka Hospital Authorities have said that their Hospital only assisting those students  to follow an orientation course not for the Clinical Training.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ceylon Petroleum Increased The Prices Of Petrol,Diesel And Kerosene

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has increased the Prices of Petrol,Diesel and Kerosene with the effect from midnight tonight.According to the new price increase a liter of Petrol is increase by Rs.12,Liter of Diesel by Rs.8 and a Liter of Kerosene by Rs.10.

Friday, October 28, 2011

10.9 Per 1000 Married Women In Reproductive Age Undergo Abortions In Sri Lanka?

It has been revealed that 10.9 per 1000 Married Women in Sri Lanka who are in reproductive age are under going  abortions due to various reasons Dr.Deepthi Perera the Director of Family Health Bureau has said yesterday(27). Alll these abortions are illegal ones as the Abortions are not legalized in the counrtry according to Dr.Perera.

As a result of these illeagal abortions so may complications have occurred in these women and some of those underwent abortions are ended up with Hospitalization.Also according to the Family Health Bureau survey around 7 % of the teanagers in the country are getting pregnant and this also leeds to the increasing number of illeagal abortions performed in Sri Lanka.

These facts have been revealed during a Population Symposium held yesterday at Galle Face Hotel In Colombo coincides with the launching of the State Population Report of 2011 by the United Nations Population Fund(UNFA).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Public Services Nurses Union Has Urged The Health Ministry To Extend The Retirement Age Of Nurses

The Public Services Nurses Union (PSNU) has made a written request to the Ministry Of Health to extend the retiring age of Nurses to 63 years and to recruit the retired government nurses to  hospitals as a solution for the nurses shortage faced by government hospitals.

The President of the PSNU Ven.Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said as more and more new wards and new units including theaters and intensive care units attached to government hospitals are open there's only 25,000 nurses are available to cater the needs of patient care in the hospitals while the hospitals needed around 45,000 Nurses to fill the shortage.

Due to the severe Nurses Shortage in the Country Nurses attached to the special units like Theaters and Intensive Care Units need to work  12 to 18  hours per day and as a result  not able to cater their personal needs Muruthettuwe Thero has stressed."If the Ministry Of Health is not accepting the Nurses Unions proposals on  filling  the shortage of nurses the Union will refused to recruit the current batch of nurses to any of the newly built government hospital units he has revealed.

The next batch of trained nurses are due to passed out in the year 2014 and at least till then the Health Ministry should have implemented the Nurses Union 's proposals the President of the Union has stressed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hambantota And Colombo/Northern Province Identified As The Areas Having Highest And Lowest Life Expectancy Rates

Hambantota District (in Southern Province) has identified as the Area having highest rate of life expectancy in Sri Lanka while Colombo District and Northern Province are having the lowest life expectancy rate according to the newest statistics issued by the United Nations Fund For Population Activities(UNFPA).

UNFPA has stated that the life expectancy rate of Hambantota is 79.6 years and the life expectancy rates of Colombo District and Northern Province is 66.9 years.Sri Lanka also rated as a country which having highest growth rate of Adult Population amongst the developing countries where the population compromised only 26 % of youth.

As Sri Lankan population is now over 20 million ,10 % of the population compromised with adults according to the latest statistics available.The Additional Secretary of the Ministry Of Health Dr.Palitha Mahipala has said that this percentage of adult population is expected to stand as 20 % by the year 2025.

With the increase of adult population chllanges like Caring the elderly,Providing Social and Financial Security ,Health Care problems will arise and the Government has already implemented new schemes to meet these challanges he stressed.

These facts revealed during a Media Seminar held today (25) at the Health Education Bureau Auditorium under the theme "The Social Challanges faced after the Global Population reached 7 Billion by 31st of October this year"

Monday, October 24, 2011

GMOA Wants A Five Fold Salary Increase For Government Doctors

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has stated today that they are expecting a Five Fold Increase of the Basic Salaries of Government Doctors through this years Budget.Addressing a Press Briefing held in Colombo today (24) the President of  GMOA Dr.Anurudda Padeniya has said that the Government Doctors wants a Salary increase based on the proposals of National Salary Policy drafted in the year 2006.

The Budget Proposals are due to be presented to the Parliament soon.

Dr.Padeniya has also stated that at present a Government Doctor draws a salary of Rs.26,000 -Rs.42,000 and a Medical Specialists received a basic salary of Rs.42,000."If the Government is not able to make  a substantiate salary increment for Government Doctors one cannot avoid them leaving the Government Sector for Private Sector or Go abroad " he stressed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sri Lankan Government Called A Probe On Gadaffi's Death

The Sri Lankan Government  has called today  a probe on the death of former Libyan Leader who was assassinated few days ago Muammar Abdul Gadaffi and the circumstances surrounding his death.According to the Ministry Of External Affairs the circumstances surrounding Libyan Leader's death need an explanation.

Late Libyan Leader was having cordial relationship with Sri Lanka in the past and also attended the Non Aligned Summit held in Sri Lankan Capitol Colombo in 1976.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

80 Percent Of The Sri Lankans Sustained With Spinal Cord Injuries Died Within 2 Years A Study Has Revealed

A survey has revealed that Around 80 percent of the Sri Lankan Patients who are sustained with Spinal Cord Injuries died within 2 years time former Squadron Leader attached to the Sri Lanka Air Force Susil Siriwardena has said.He also said that around 1200 Spinal Cord Injuries have been reported from the country annually.

Addressing a Press Briefing held yesterday (21) at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute regarding the ongoing 10th Asian Summit on Spinal Cord Injuries held in Colombo Mr.Siriwardena has stressed that he him self is a victim for Spinal Cord injury and urged the need to address the issues related to Spinal Cord Injuries which leads life time disability as well as morality.

The Director of Youth,Elderly and Disabled Persons in the Ministry Of Health Dr.Anil Dissanayake has said that with the outcome of the ongoing three day International Seminar On Spinal Cord Injuries held in Hotel Ceylon Continental a National Policy on Spinal Cord Injuries to address the rising issues related to Spinal Cord Injuries here will be drafted following a National Summit on the subject.

The 10th Asian Summit On Spinal Cord Injuries began in Hotel Ceylon Continental in Colombo yesterday (21)evening with the participation of some 600 delegates representing around 20 Asian Countries.The First Lady Mrs.Shiranthi Rajapaksha has graced the occasion with several Cabinet Ministers.

A special workshop is currently underway at the Summit venue for Disabled Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ministry Of Health Has Issued Two Circulars To Restrict The Sending Of Govt.Hospital Medical Lab Tests To Pvt Sector

The Ministry Of Health has issued two circulars to All the Government Hospital Directors  recommending to restrict sending of Medical Lab Tests to  the Private Medical Sector according to the Ministry Sources.

From these Circulars the Ministry has requested from  Hospital Authorities to circulate a list of Medical Lab Tests available in Government Hospitals amongst the Medical Officers, so they will avoid of sending the said Lab Tests to the Private Sector.

However it has been reported that although two circulars were issued Medical Lab Tests available in Government Hospitals are still donne through the Private Medical Labs.

First Ever Asian Spinal Cord Injuries Summit To Be Held In Sri Lanka Commenced Tomorrow

The First ever Asian Summit on Spinal Cord Injuries  to be held in Sri Lanka will workout form 21 st(Tomorrow) of October to 23 rd of October in Colombo.Large number of Medical Specialists representing  Asian Countries including Sri Lankan Specialists are due to attend this Summit and share their knowledge on treating Spinal Cord Injury victims.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Prices Of Cigarettes Up By Rs.2

The Prices of all the Cigarettes are increased by Rs.2 with effect from mid night yesterday(19) according to the Department of Excise.The price of the Dunhill Cigarette was up by Rs.3 the Department sources said.

Driver And His Assistant Killed When Their Bowser Crashed In To A House

A Bowser Truck Driver and his assistant was killed on the spot when their Vehicle crashed in to a house at Balummahara in Gampaha District(Western Province) this morning while a female occupant reside the house was injured due to the accident.

When the accident occurred the Bowser Truck was on it's way to Kandy in Kandy-Colombo route it has been reported.

The Injured was rushed to the Gampaha Hospital while the post mortums of  deceased are due to be  held   today.The Gampaha Police has been  conducting an inquiry on the incident.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Current Expenditure On Government Services To Be Increased From Next Year

Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne has presented the Appropriation Bill that provides the services of Financial Year 2012 to the Parliament this evening.According to the Bill the Total estimated expenditure for the year 2012 is Rs.2220 Billion with the current expenditure of Rs.1029 Billion in 2011 is to be increased to Rs.1109 Billion by next year.

Also the current capital expenditure of Rs.938 Billion will also increased to 1111 Billion by the year 2012.

Health Ministry Has Instructed The National Drug Authority To Inspect The Standard Of All Beauty Salons From Next Month

The Health Ministry has ordered the National Drug Authority today (18) to carry out  an Island Wide inspections  on  Beauty Parlous to test their standard   from the beginning of this November.Under the regulations vested through  the Drugs,Cosmetic and Devices Act ,the Food and Drug Inspectors attached to the Drug Authority are to carry out these inspections according to the Health Ministry Sources.

These Inspections are to be carried out following the public complaints on some Beauty Parlous stating that they are not providing a standard service the sources added.Most recently a Local Female Music Teacher has died due to the Complications occurred after getting a facial from a Beauty Salon. As a result the authorities have shut down the relevant Beauty Salon and an inquiry is in process .

Osteoporosis Alert Amongst Sri Lankans As More People Are Prone To The Disease

Around 40-45 percent of Sri Lankan Population are suffering from the Bone Breaking Disease "Osteoporosis" according to a  newest study  A Rhuematology Specialist attached to the Colombo National Hospital Dr.Lalith Wijerathne has said today .According to him around 35 percent out of that percentage are women.

Addressing a Media Seminar on Osteoporosis held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today he said that as Osteoporosis occurred due to the  Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency People especially the elders are advised to take sufficient Calcium,Vitamin D and Protein enriched meals daily as well as engaging regular Physical Exercises.

Due to the Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency the bones became softer and as a result it begins to break during a sudden fall he added.The highest number of fractures occurred in Hip and  the year 2006 alone around 2700 Hip Fractures related to the Osteoporosis have been reported through t the Island according to a Study Report.The Medical Specialists are expecting that number to be increased by the year 2040 with  7000 Hip Fractures the study has further revealed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Veteran Cinema And T.V Film Maker Titus Thotawatte Passed Away

Veteran Sri Lankan Cinema/T.V Director and Producer Titus Thotawatte has passed away  few hours ago at a Private Hospital in Colombo.He was 82 years old at the time of his death.Popularly known as "Mr.Ty " Mr.Thotawatte made several Movies  especially Children's Movies like "Handaya" which earned  an International Award as well as the Sarasawiya Film Award in 1980.

He was also dubbed several English Language Popular Cartoon Series to the Sinhalese including the famous American Cartoons "Bugs Bunny" and "Dr/DooLittle.

Mr.Thotawatte was born in 17th of April 1929 in Colombo and received his education from the Ananda College in Colombo.Few of the  popular Sinhalese Movies he was directed are "Chandiya"(1965),"Kawuda Hari "(1969) and "Haralakshaya" (1971).

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