Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Deforested Amazon Parts Emitting More Carbondioxide



Around 64 New Cancer Patients And 38 Cancer Deaths Reported Daily In Sri Lanka -Dr.Suraj Perera

Around 64 new Cancer patients are
being identified and 38 Cancer deaths reported in Sri Lanka daily according to a latest study carried out Consultant Community physican Dr.SuRaj Perera attached to National Cancer Control Programme has stated .

Accordingly around 23,503 new Cancer patients and 14,013 Cancer deaths are being reported in the country annually Dr.perera has stressed.

"Oral Cancer is the cancer infected to majority of men and BreaSt Cancer is the cancer infected to majority of females in the country. One third of the cancers can be cured through a Good behaviour pattern 'he has said during a media seminar held on World Cancer day yesterday (10)at the Health Promotions Bureau in Colombo.  

Corona Virus Disease Named As Covid 19

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Attorney General Again Instructed Acting IGP To Arrest Judge Gihan Pilapitiya

Attorney General Dappula De livera
again today (11)instructed the Acting Inspector General Of Police  (IGP )Chandana Wikramaratna to obtain an arrest warrant from the court and arrest Embilipitiya High Court Judge Gihan Pilapitiya as soon as possible over involving in telephone conversations with Remanded MP Ranjan Ramanayake according to sources .

Attorney General 's instructions to arrest Judge Pilapitiya were  based on the telephone conversations contains in  leaked audio clips broadcast by a private channel which MP Ramanayake has  said as distorted .

However Still the Government analyst's Department hasn't confirmed that the voices including in leaked telephone conversations are of MP Ramanayake and other officials .

Attorney General has expressed his displeasure towards  Acting IGP Wikramaratna over not arresting Judge Pilapitiya as per his orders  it had been reported.

However arresting of Judge Pilapitiya has not taken place as lawyers had staged a protest campaign in front of Hulftsdorf Court complex recently against the arrest of Judge Pilapitiya.

Eight Foreign Females Arrested In Bambalapitiya Over Engaged In Prostitution

Immigration and Emigration
Department officials had today (11)arrested 08 young foreign females who had arrived in with tourist visas and engaged in prostitution here at a Hotel in Bambalapitiya  (Colombo ).

Among the arrested females there were three Thai, Three Filipino and two Chinese females (one of them who leads  the prostitution)it has been revealed .

All 08 Females had been sent to Mitihana Detention center and after the inquiries they are due to be deported ftom Sri Lsnka.  

Australia-Millions Of Liters Of Water Floods Sydney Metro Tunnels



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Veteran Artist And Falk Song Musician Rohana Baddage Has Been Appointed As The New High Commissioner Of Maldives

Veteran Artist and falk  song Musician
Rohana Baddage has been appointed as the new Sri lankan High Commissioner in Maldives by the President Gotabaya Rajapakshe it has been announced today (11).

Veteran Artist Baddage who has excelled  in his field has no qualification required for foreign service and will be replaced the outgoing high Commissioner in Maldives Retired Major General A.Thoradeniya .

The musician 's  name had been sent to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Higher Posts for an approval. The committee has announced that if there is someone or an Organization which oppose the appointment of Musician Baddage as the High Commissioner of Maldives should be informed it to the committee before 25 th of this month .  

Singer Visharada Jagath Wikramasinghe Appointed As New Chairrman Of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

Government has appointed Popular
Singer and musician Jagath Wikramasinghe as the new chairman of the state owned radio Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) .

Earlier Government has appointed veteran Radio personality Rohana deva perera as the new chairman of the SLBC  and later he had been removed due to the opposition of SLBC  trade unions on 05 th of February. However female singer/actress  Sanjeevani Weeeasinghe who has been appointed as one of the directors of SLBC  recently which is clearly a political appointment still there without any opposition although she is not capable of handling administration activities of an institution  it has been reported .

Singer Jagath Wikramasinghe who is also a Visharada in his field too is  lacking administration skills to carry out duties in an institution like SLBC where a number of veteran personalities  suitable  for the post are working according to sources .

However new SLBC  chairman is due to assume his duties this Thursday (13) it has Been announced .

Senior Chinese Officials Removed As Corona Virus Death Toll Passed 1000 In China


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Sri Lanka Donated 600 KG Of Black Tea To China

Sri Lankan government has decided to
donate 600 Kilo Grammes of home grown Black tea for the residents of Wuhan ,China who are battling against corona virus as a friendly gesture according to the Tea Board

A part of this donation had been
Handed over to the Chinese Ambassador in Colombo by president Gotabaya Rajapakshe recently and the rest will be distributed among the residents of Wuhan through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing, China the Board has stressed .

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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