Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GMOA Questioned The Quality Of Foreign Medical Graduates

Out of 227 Foreign Medical Graduates who failed to pass the Act 16 Examination in recent months which is must for the Foreign Medical Graduates 6 are without Advanced leval qualification and 12 persons not having a Single Credit Pass in their Advanced Level Examination the Vice President of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Anurudda Padeniya said today.

Addressing a Media Briefing at the GMOA Headquarters in Colombo Dr.Padeniya has said that due to this situation the Sri Lanka Medical Council(SLMC) has ruled that in future all Sri Lankan Students who are applying for Foreign Medical Faculties should have atleast three C,B or A Passes for the Subjects Physics,Maths,Biology and Chemistry.

He also said that there is a large comparison on the Medical Knowledge and the quality of the  Local Medical Students when compared to the Foreign Medical Graduates and the Authorities are trying to abolish the Act 16 examination of the the foreign medical  Graduates to  enable them to recruit for the Government Hospitals directly.

Shanties In Colombo City Becomes The Distribution Center Of TB To The Nation?

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has said that the Shanties and the temporary huts located in the City of Colombo are became the distribution center of the diseasse Tuberculosis(TB) to the whole country.Minister has said that due to this situation it will become hard to eradicate the Tuberculosis known as TB from the Island.

He made these remarks at the South East Asian Tuberculosis Eradication Programme held in Colombo Yesterday.

Emergancy Drug Purchases To Be Restricted From Next March

Purchasing of Emergancy Drug Items for the Government Hospitals from Private Pharmacies reduced to 1 percent with the effect from Next March Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has announced today.Under the new restriction 99 percent of the Total Drug Supply for the Government Hospitals should be purchased through the normal tender procedure and the Emergancy Purchases popularly known as Local Purchases will be allow only if there is an urgent case Minister stressed.

According to the Health Minister this new restriction come in to effect to reduce the large sum of money spend for Local Pharmecies to buy higher price drugs under the label of an Emergancy Purchases.The Annual Audit Report of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation IN 2008 has stated that the Expenditure on Emergancy Drug Purchases of the Corporation is higher then purchasing the Drugs through the normal Tender Procedure Minister has stated.

Not only the Government Hospitals the Medical Supplies Division and the State Pharmaceuticls Corporation too purchased the Drugs under the Emergancy Purchasing system during last few years spending large sum of Money he further added.Health Minister has revealed this at the Awards Ceremony organized for the Reproductive Journalists held in Health Education Bureau today.

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