Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Member Team Began Investigations On Kfir Jet Crash

A five member team led by Air Vice Marshal Kapila Jayamapathi is investigating in to the Kfir Jet crash which occurred yesterday in mid air of  Warana area according to the Air Force sources.Air Force has also decided to grounded the Kfir Jets till the ongoing investigations on  Jet Crash concluded.

According to the Sri Lankan Air Force the decision behind the grounding of Kfir Jets till the Investigations concludes is to evaluate the technical records of the Jets.The Kfir Jets due to participate the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Air Force which was held today , not participated due to this decision.

Meanwhile according to the post mortum report submitted by the Negambo Judicial Medical Officer(JMO) Dr Channa Perera the Pilot Flight Lieutenant Monath Perera who was killed due to the Kfir Jet Collision of  yesterday was suffered a heart attack in the Sky.The Post Mortum report was handed over to the Air Force Today.Earlier it has been reported that the Pilot had ejected him self from the Air Craft at the time of the Crash and believed his Parachute was not opened at that time..

Two Dengue Deaths Were Reported From Colombo City

Two Dengue deaths were reported yesterday from the Colombo city the Chief Medical Officer of Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has revealed.According to Dr.Kariyawasam out of these two deaths one victim  was a 55 year old person reside in Wellawatta area in Colombo City and he died while receiving treatment at a Private Hospital yesterday.

The second death was reported in Ridgway Children's Hopsital in Borella and the victim was a 8 year old boy reside in Stace Road.With these two  deaths the total number of Dengue deaths reported from Colombo City this year risen to 6.

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