Saturday, December 17, 2016


A Youth Was Drowned In Seas Off Wellamadama ,Matara

A 19 year old youth was drowned in the seas off
wellamadama in Matara (Southern Province)yesterday (17) while bathing it has been reported.

The drowned youth who is a resident of Mulathivu (Northern Province)area  was involved in construction work of the  auditorium attached to Ruhunu University and went to the sea bath yesterday noon according to reports.

Police Have Arrested A Person With Unlicenced Firearm

Police have yesterday (17)arrested a 42 year old
person with an unlicensed firearm in his possession at Ehatuwewa in Megalawa area.

Megalawa police have arrested the suspect as per a tip off received by the Police.

The suspect who is a resident of Ehatuwewa area is due to be produced before Galgamuwa Magistrate Court.


A G.C.E Ordinary Level Student Had Lodged A Complaint Against A Retired Army Officer

A student attached to a G.C.E Ordinary Level class of
one of the leading schools in Colombo had lodged a complaint against a retired high rank  Army Officer yesterday (17th ) at Cinmamon Gadens Police by stating that the Army Officer grabbed him  and threatened him .

According to the complainant the incident occurred on last Wednesday and he was not able to complain on the incident at that time due to the G.C.E Ordinary Level exsmination.

Cinnamon Gardens Police have decided to conduct an impartial inquiry regarding  the complaint according to the Police,

Two Persons With Unlicensed Stock Of Teak Timber Logs Arrested At Govindupura

Officers attached to Special Police Task Force had
today (17) arrested two persons with a stock of unlicensed teak timber logs in their possession at Govindupura area(Uva Province).

During the raid Police Officers have also taken into custody few eqipment which used to saw teak timber logs .

The officers handed over the suspects to Govindupura Police for further investigations.

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Ukranian National Female Hanged And Committed Suicide At Gampaha

A 66 year old Ukranian national female hanged  and
committed suicide at Madagama area  in Gampaha (Western Province)District it has been revealed.

The female had  attempted to commit sucide on a  few occasions previously too and was suffered from a mental disorder Police investigations had revealed.

Gampaha Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Police Have Arrested Two Persons With Haul Of Heroin At Dummalasuriya

Police have arrested two persons today (17) along with
Rs.1.5 million worth haul of Heroin in their possession at Dummalasuriya area.

The suspects had been  arrested while they were transporting Heroin in a Van from Jampatah Street in Colombo to Dummalasuriya according to the Police.

They  attempted to ship the narcotic to Qatar it has been revealed.Dummalasiriya Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Eleven Persons Were killed And Three Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To Van-Bus Collision In Jaffna

Eleven persons including ten of a same family were
killed and three others critically injured and hospitalized due to the Van they were travelling in collided with a Bus at Chavakachcheri (Northern Province)area in jaffna  today (17).

The  injured were admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The deceased were on a pilgrimage to Nagadeepa Viharaya (Temple) from Horana (Western Province)when the accident occurred.

The van which the pilgrims were in travelling at high speed and after seen the speeding Van Bus driver stopped the Bus .But the Van collided with the Bus due to the speed according to sources.Bus driver had fallen unconcious  after the accident, but recovered later.

The relatives of the deceased left Jaffna already to identified the bodies.. 

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