Saturday, May 6, 2017


A 62 Year Old Female Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To An Accident

A 62 year old female motorcyclist was killed after her
motorcycle colliding with a cab in Uppuveli area on Trincomalee-Nilaveli road.

The critically injured female whose motorcycle collided with the back of a cab had succumbed to her injuries after admission to Trincomalee Base Hospital.

San Fransisco Based US Firm Has Pulled Out From The Talks On Purchasing Minor Stakes Of Sri Lankan Airlines

The San Francisco based US Equity Firm "TPG" one of
the three bidders short listed to purchase 49 % of the Sri Lanka's National Airline Carrier "Sri Lankan "Airlines has pulled out from the talks held with authorities on purchasing the minor stakes of the Airlines it has been revealed.

Sri Lanka is searching a foreign  buyer to sell 49% shares  of the Sri Lsnkan Airlines along with it's management control of the Airlines due to it"s current huge  debt.

After calling bids to sell the minority stake of the Sri Lanka's national carrier with the aim of cutting it's current debt and make it a profitable one last July ,the Sri Lankan authorities short listed three buyers out of the nine bids submitted  namely TPG Firm,A Maldivian Company and Peace Air based in Sri Lanka.However the bids of these three short listed companies were low according to the authorities.

Sri Lankan Authorities are now engaged in talks with the Dubai Emirates regarding the selling of  minor stakes of the Airlines.

Nearly 6000 Police Personal To Be Deployed By Sri Lanka To Provide Special Security For Indian Prime Minister Modi

Sri Lankan government is due to  deploy nearly  6000
police officers to provide special security for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi who is due to arrive Sri Lanka on 12th of May to attend religious activities organized to mark the United Nations Wesak Festival scheduled to be held in Colombo.

According to the Inspector General Of Police Pujith Jayaundera under the  special scurity measures police officers who are specilized in VVIP Security,Special Task Force Personal and ordinary police officers numbering nearly 6000 will be deployed for the security of Prime Minister Modi and Wesak related events otganized under the UN Wesak Festival.

These special security measures  includes security to be provided to the Wesak related events in Colombo and Kandy.

During his visit to Sri Lanka Prime Minister Modi is also due to visit the Sacred temple of tooth relics "Dalada Maligawa" in Kandy.


Foreign-Shenzhen Landslide: Officials Jailed For Negligence


Sri Lanka Navy Have Arrested Four Persons With Four Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested four persons with four
kilo grammes of Kerala Cannabis and a Motorcycle in their possession during a raid carried out in two locations in western province last evening (05).

Accordingly three persons have been arrested with two kilo grammes of Kerala Cannabis in one place and a person was arrested with two kilo grammes of Kerala Cannsbis in another place.

A 48 Year Old Person Had Committed Suicide In Samanthurai

A 48 year old person had committed suicide by
hanging himself in savariapuram,Samanthurai area.

The police have recovered the body of the deceased as per an information received and the cause behind the suicide has not yet been revealed.

Samanthurai Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

A 3 Year Old Girl Has Died After Getting Choked With A Piece Of Bun

A 3 year old girl has died after getting choked with a
piece of bun she was eating in Chilaw this morning (06).

The deceased girl getting choked with a piece of bun while her mother feeding her with a bun it has been revealed.

The girl was then rushed to the Chilaw hospital in critical condition and she was pronounced as dead this morning while  receiving treatment in primary care unit of the hospital.

The deceased child was resided in melpura,Chilaw area.Chilaw Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

A An Assistant Chef Has Died After Falling Down From A Building

A 42 year old assistant chef has died after falling down
 from the first storey of   a building in Nagoda,Kalutara early this morning (06).

The deceased had fallen down from the building after arriving a reception hall there to prepare meals for a party it has been revealed.

The deceased was a resident of polgampola area.

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