Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Sri Lankans Among The Injured In Mahabodhi Temple Blasts In India

No Sri Lankans were among the injured in the multiple bomb blasts of Mahabodhi Temple in India's Bihar State this morning according to Sri Lankan High Commission in India.a Buddhist monk and a pilgrim have been rushed to the hospital due to the bomb blasts in Mahabodhi Temple in Buddagaya occurred early this morning.

There's No damage to the temple shrine as the exploded bombs were of low density according to the foreign media reports.police have been investigating to arrest the culprits who were responsible for the attacks reports further said.

Meanwhile while condemning the terrorist attack on Mahabodhi Temple in Buddhagaya Sri Lankan government has requested sri lankan pilgrims to avoid visiting the temple shrine during next week due to investigations carried over on today's blasts.

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