Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Awanka yahaluwekuta obe sartakatwayedi menma pasubasmakadi ekase langa hindimin ema thathwayan obat samaga winda Dara gatha hakiya-Ehet wyaja yahaluwekuta awasi wanuye obage sartakatwaye kotaskaruweku wemata pamani"


A Ex Pradesheya Sabha Member Along With 370 Kilo Grammes Of Cannabis Arrested In Embilipitiya

The excise department officials had
arrested a ex pradesheya Sabha member along with 370 kilo grammes of Cannabis concealed in a secret bunker built near the ex  Pradesheya Sabha member's house in Embilipitiya on Thursday (23).

The secret bunker was built near the ex Pradesheya Sabha member's house in panamure area it has been revealed .

Around 322 Million People Throughout The Globe Suffering From Depression -WHO Says

Around 4.4 percent of the Global population is estimated as suffering
 from Depression according to a latest report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Accordingly around 322 million throughout the globe living with   Depression the WHO report on "Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders" issued recently has stated .

Out of the 322 million people suffering feom depression the majority around 27 perecent lives in South East Asia Region  WHO says.

Depression is reported as more common among females than men the report stated .

The main cauess for Depression are Being identified as Poverty ,unemployment ,physical illnesses caused due to alcohol and drugs and loosing or death of a loved ones .


Navy Arrested Sixteen Indian Fishermen While Involved In Illegal Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested sixteen Indian Fishermen while involved in
  illegal fishing activities in Sri Lankan  waters at two locations yesterday (22) with fishing equipments .

Accordingly Navy Personal arrested eight Indian Fishermen with their steal Hull fishing trawler near the seas of North west of Analathivu island .The arrested Fishermen along with their equipment were handed over to the Jaffna fisheries officials .

During another raid eight Indian Fishermen were arrested along with their wooden Hull fishing trawler while engaged in illegal fishing in seas of Northern Mannar.The Fishermen and their equipment were handed over to the fisheries officials in Mannar.

Venerable Uduwe Thero Who Was Arrested Over Noise Pollution Released On Bail

Colombo Additional Magistrate has today(23) released the chief imcumbant
  of Alan Mathiniyaramaya in Polhengoda ,Venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka thero who was arrested over making noise pollution on bail.

Earlier in the day Venerable Uduwe Thero had been arrested by the Police over the accusations made against him by some of the residents stating that  he made noise pollution through loud speakers in his temple in mornings on religious purposes.

President Sirisena Conducted Bi Lateral Talks With Russian President Putin

President Maithripala Sirisena who is in Russia at present met with Russian
President  Vladimir Putin today (23) at Kremlin  Palace and conducted bi lateral talks.

During President Sirisena's visit to Russia several new agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding  are due to be signed on various fields including trade,commerce ,education and defense .


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Bribery Commission Arrested An Overseer For Taking A Bribe

Image result for bribeThe Bribery Commission Officials have today(23)arrested a minor staff overseer attached to the Hingurakgoda Pradeshiya Sabha over taking a bribe from a person to give him a trade stall attached to a Trade complex built by the Pradeshiya Sabha.

The Suspect had been earlier accused for taking a Rs.50,000 bribe it has been revealed.

A 62 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

Image result for wild elephant sri lankaA 62 year old person was killed due to a wild elephant attack while bathing in Halabawewa in Madawachchiya area(North Central Province) according to the Police.

As the victim not return home for hours the relatives searched of him and found him  in Halabawewa with critical condition.

The victim had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Madawachchiya Hospital.

A Female Was Killed Due To A Motor Car-Lorry Collision On Southern Expressway

Image result for southern expressway
A female was killed and two others including a small child were injured and hospitalized due to a Motor Car-Lorry collision occurred  in Millaniya area on Southern Expressway this morning(23).

The critically injured female succumbed to her injuries after been hospitalized according to the Police.


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