Friday, February 24, 2017

Two Persons Arrested With One And Half Kilo Grammes Of Heroin

Police Narcotics Bureau Officials have arrested two persons with one and
 half kilo grammes of Heroin in their possession in Bambalapitiya and Wellawatte(Colombo)areas today(25).

Accordingly a person was arrested in Bambalapitiya with one kilo gramme of Heroin and another person near the  Wellawatte Railway station  with five hundrad grammes of heroin in their possession .

The two suspects are due to be produced before the court today (25) after questioning them.

Jewithayata Artayak Gena Diya Haki Waki

Ada dinaye dutu ha situnu artawatma waki

*Nomarena ayeku se jewath nowanna.

*Samepa yahaluwan ha pawule AYA samaga kuda matabedayak wuwa pawatiya yutte bath haliya idena thek Pamani.

*Parana matabeda pasekala atapasuwem sakas karaganrma saba mithurange lakshanayay.

*Yamak kiremata sith dun wita sitha pasupasata adeenam obata yamak wisandagandmata Kal gatha we.


Eleven Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Van Accident

Eleven persons were injured and
hospitalized after the van there were travelling in to Wellawaya area veered off the road in Hulandawa area in Monaragala-Bibile main road today (24).

The injured who are residents of dehiattakandiya area , including five females and three small children  were admitted to the Monaragala Hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred as the driver not able to control the speed of the vehicle according to the reports.

Five Persons Including Kamburugamuwe Vajira Thero Injured Due To A Road Accident

Five persons including the Chancellor of Sabaragamuwa University Professor
  venerable Kamburug amuwe Vajira Thero had been injured and Hospitalized due to a Road accident occurred in pahala Kadugannawa area on Colombo -Kandy main road this afternoon (24).

The injured were admitted to the Mawanella Hospital for treatment .

The accident  has occurred due to the Jeep the injured were travelling in veered off the road it has been reported.

A Person Was Killed And Four Others Were Injured Due To The Collapse Of Dhal Storage Bin

A person was killed and another four were injured and hospitalized after
  a dhal storage  bin had collapsed on them in a dhal storage factory at Pattiwila ,Kelaniya (Western Province) this afternoon (24).

The injured were admitted to the Kiribathgoda Hospital for treatment.

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