Sunday, January 13, 2019




A Leading Drug Smuggler Had Been Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Police Officers attached to Anti
Corruption Unit of Paliyagoda Police have arrested  a leading Heroin Smuggler who is responsible for distributing Heroin in large scale among several areas in Colombo had been arrested today  (13)in possession of 50 Grammes of Heroin.

The suspect is responsible for distributing Heroin in large scale to areas like Wattala, Kandana and Ragama areas it has been revealed.

He has received Heroin through an information provided via Telephone by another Drug Smuggler in prison according to sources.

The estimated value of the Haul of Heroin taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.Two million the sources said .

A legal action is due to be taken against the suspect. 


Sri Lankan Public To Receive E Health Cards From February

Issuance  of E-Health Card (Electronic Health Card) to the Sri Lankan Public will begin from  This February according to Minister Of Health, Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

This programme will be launched by the Indian Company which provides E-Health cards to People in Andra PraDesh in India and under the first phase of the Programme  E Health Cards will be issued at Kalutara ,Nagoda Hospital and Bandaragama District Hospital.

Afterwards Cards will be issued to entire  Sri Lankan population within next six month period  Minister has stressed.

As all Health Reports of an individual are  being stored in a E-Health Card it will be easier for the people to get access to treatment from any area in the country he has stated.

E-Health Card has been introduced to Sri Lanka during the 71 st Anniversary celebrations of World Health Organization  (WHO) held at NELUM Pokuna Theater in Colombo on 07 th of April  last year (2018).

To facilitate the implementaction of  the E Health Card project around 500 Government Hospitals have been computerised already  according to Health Ministry.

Government Has Decided To Provide An Extra Holiday For All Tamil Schools In The Island Tomorrow(14) Prior To Thaipongal Day

Government has decided to closed down all Tamil Schools in the Country tomorrow(14) in view of the "Thaipongal"Celebrations scheduled to be held on Tuesday (15) according to the Minister Of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

An extra day will be given to Tamil Schools to cover the studies missed due to Tomorrow's Holiday The Minister has stressed.

Meanwhile Northern Provincial Governor's Office has earlier announced tomorrow(14) as an  Extra Holiday for All Tamil Schools in North prior to Thaipongal Day falls on Tuesday .

"Thaipongal "Day which falls on this Tuesday is a Public,Bank and Mercantile Holiday in Sri Lanka.

Fifteen Youth Had Been Arrested With Narcotics In Possession Near "Sripadha"

Police officers attached to Anti
Corruption Unit of the Hatton Police have yesterday (12)arrested 15 youth Who were on pilgrimage to sacred "Sripadha" Mountain in possession of Narcotics it has been reported.

The suspected youth who are of the ages 20-30 years are residents of Galle,Matara and Colombo Districts according to Police.

A Gas Baloon Carrying 14 Foreigners Made A Sudden Landing To A Paddy Field At Kurunagala ?

A Gas Baloon carrying 14 Foreigners has made a sudden landing to a paddy field at Meepitiya area in Dodangaslanda ,Kurunagala this morning (13) due to a Technical default it has been reported .

Although no one was hurt due to the incident villagers of the area had complained that the Gas Baloon not landed to the paddy field but crashed in and as a result the cultivation of the field had been destroyed.

The villagers have requested the authorities to pay a compansation for the damage received to their crops .




Two Persons Had Been Shot And Killed At Wattala

Two persons had been killed due to a
 gun shooting incident occurred at Hekiththa Road in Wattala  (Western Province )this evening  (13).

A group of unidentified persons arrived in from a Motor Car had shot and killed two persons of the ages 33 and 36 year old whilst travelling in a Motor Car it had been revealed.

The two deceased who were residents of Mattakkuliya area have been  killed on the spot and a sister of one of the deceased who  travelled with them in the car had escaped unhurt  according to Police.

Police believes the shooting incident may have caused due to a dispute among two underworld gangs.


An Eighteen Year Old Student Has Drowned Two Others Rescued Whilst Bathing In MahawelI River

An Eighteen Year old school boy has
drowned and died and two other school boys have drowned and rescued whilst bathing in MahawelI River at HiPot area ,Nawalapitiya this noon (13).

The three Students had gone to bathe   at MahawelI River by informing their parents that they are going to attend a Tution class at Nawalapitiya it has been revealed.

However Whilst   bathing three Students have drowned and workers attached to a construction site nearby  have rescued the three and taken to the Hospital.

The eighteen Year old Advanced Level Student attached to Ginigathhena Central Collage had succumbed to his injuries soon after being rescued according to reports .

Out of Other two students one had been admitted to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital for treatment and other student had left the Hospital after receiving OPD Treatment. 

President Has Told Prepare Provincial Council Elections First

Those who are talking about holding a

Presidential Elections should prepare to face A Provincial Council Elections first President MarthrIpala Sirisena has told during a Meeting held with Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) organisers of Uva and Central provinces at President's office today  (13).

President has urged the SLFP Organizer s participated at the meeting to prepare for a Provincial. Council Elections first .

He has also stressed that functions of Six Provincial councils had come to a standstill due to not holding Elections of those in time and had already discussed on holding Provincial Council Elections with Election Commission Chairman. 

Delaying the holding of Provincial Council Elections violates the expectations of 13 th Constitutional Amendment President has also said .

The SLFP Party Organizer s meeting was held to discuss on future party reOrganization activities .

A British National Has Died After Drowning In Southern Seas

A 35 year old British National has died
after drowning in the  sea whilst engaged in Surfing at Madihe area  in Matara  amidst rough sea waves
today  (13).

The deceased who had stayed at a Tourist Hotel in Mirissa -Weligama  (Southern Province) has been rescued by people around  after disappearing in the sea ,However he had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Matara General Hospital it has been revealed .

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