Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An Egg A Day Appears To Help Young Children Grow Taller


Dry Weather In Northern Province To Continue Until October/ November

The dry weather prevailing in the Northern Province
at present will last until October or November according to the Meteorology Department.

Rain will be received to Northern Province only in October or November the Department has stated.

Around 33,000 persons have been affected due to the current dry weather in North it has been

NBRO Has Extended The Landslide Warnings Issued For Seven Districts

The National Building Research Organization(NBRO)
has extended the landslide warnings issued to seven districts for another 24 hours due to the rain prevailing there.

Accordingly the extended landslide warnings will be affected until 2 p.m tomorrow (07) in Ratnapura Galle ,Matara ,Hambanthota ,Kalutara,Kegalle and Nuwara Eliya districts.

Meanwhile the meteorology department has announced that heavy showers will be experienced in south western area and several rounds of rain will be there in Sabaragamuwa,Western,Southern,Central and North Western provinces during tomorrow (07).

The number of displaced and affected due to the adverse weather had been dropped by nearly 300,000 today (06)as those people left for their houses after the flood waters receded.

People In South And Kalutara Feared Of Another Tsunami As Sea Water Invades Inland Areas

People living in and around coastal areas of Galle and
Kalutara feared of another Tsunami as the sea water continuosly invades the inland areas these days through several areas in Galle and Kalutara it has been revealed.

Accordingly sea water reported as invading the Galle road through several areas from Kahawa to Galle,Hikkaduwa up to the Thotagamuwa Bridge and several areas in Kalutara .

The sea water invaded the areas in Southern Province Kahawa,Polwatte,Godagama,Paraliya,Thotagamuwa and in Kalutara it has been reported.

The sea water had caused uprooting of several coconut treas near the Kalutara Railway track.The navy camp,bridges and Railway lines in Kalutara are at risk due to the present situation the sources said.

The invading of inland areas by sea water in Kalutara caused due to the breaking of a sand bund built there according to sources.

Authorities have taken steps to put sand bags and heavy rocks as a barricade to prevent sea tides.

Sri Lankan Airlines To Continue Its Flights To Doha,Qatar

Sri Lankan Airlines have today (06) announced that
the Airlines  will continue its flights to Doha,Qatar despite the steps taken by six Arab Countries to cut off  ties with Qatar including flights .

Up to now no decision has been taken to suspend Sri Lankan Airlines flights to Doha,Qatar and the Airlines however will monitoring the situation in the Middle East  closely it has been announced.

Rebuilding Of Lives And Properties Abandoned Due To Adverse Weather ,A Need Of The Hour

Although the flood waters in Ratnapura,Galle and
Matara Districts and some parts of Colombo District have receded ,the cities which have beautiful surroundings before the floods and landslides occurred now looks like muddy spots it has been revealed.

After the receding of flood waters caused by overflowing of Kalu,Kelani,Gin and Nilwala rivers  it is the duty of the government now to bring back lives of people in these areas back to normalcy  by reconstructing  and building the damaged houses,roads,bridges,schools ,Temples and other institutions . Rehabilitating  the minds of those displaced and affected due to adverse weather is a need of the hour and it is a long term process .

Flood waters receded doesn't mean the lives of people back to normalcy.

It has been reported that some vehicles have been  washed away by flood waters to  drowned houses in Ratnapura and a number of bridges in Ratnapura and Galle have been destroyed due to adverse weather.

It is a sad scene to see the way school children in flood hit areas trying to dry their wet school books affected due to flood waters .

In most parts the country the cleaning of flood  hit places including houses and schools now began with the help of others.People are supporting each other in this regard too.

Now lots of organizations are collecting school items for the school children who lost their houses and school equipment including text books,school bags,pens and water bottles .It shows again the humanity of the  Sri Lankan society.


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A Crocodile More Than 15 Feet Long Found In Akuressa

Residents in Thibbotuwawa area in Akuressa have yesterday (05)captured a giant crocodile more than 15 feet long who believed to be washed away due to the floods and handed over to the Wild Life Officials.

The Crocodile who was in a Tea Estate in Akuressa first witnessed by a female tea plucker .After being informed the residents of the area have  captured the crocodile after a two hour long mission .

Wild Life Officials are due to release the crocodile to another place it has been reported.

President Sirisena Has Instructed The Authorities To Implement A Programme To Remove Garbage From Adverse Weather Hit Areas

Image result for landslide sri lankaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has today(06) instructed the authorities to implement a formal programme to remove garbage from the floods and landslide affected areas with immediate effect.

President has made these instructions during a meeting held today at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo regarding Garbage Management.

Bangladesh Has Donated US Dolars 500,000 As Flood Aid

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Bangladesh  had donated US Dollars 500,000  to help those who are displaced and affected du from floods/landslides in Sri Lanka.

The Bangladeshi Ambassador to Sri Lanka had informed on this to the Foreign Ministry

Around 36 Families Have Been Evacuated From Kalawana Due To A Landslide

Image result for landslide sri lankaAround 36 families have been evacuated near four mountains in Kalawana(Ratnapura)area  which had identified as prone to landslide .

National Building Research Organization had issued landslide warnings to the four mountains in Kalawana area namely Dolahena,Wewelkandura,Koswatte and Samanpura mountains /

"Washing Hands In Cold Water As Good As Hot'-A Study Reveals

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...