Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Large Number Of Persons In Jaffna Affeted Due To The Heavy Showers

A lsrge number of persons numbering more than 9000
have affected and houses were fully and completly damaged due to the heavy showers prevailing in Jaffna District these days according to the authorities.

Around 04 houses were fully damaged and 159 houses were partially damaged due to the showers by yesterday (11) the Jaffna District Secretariat has announced.

Those who are living in temporarily built houses have been affected mostly due to the situation the Secretariat has said.People living in Marudankeni Divisional secretariat has affected mostly due to the bad weather .

A High Spead Lorry Veered Off The Road And Fallen In To The Dikoya Canal Yesterday (11)

A high spead Lorry travelling from Norwood to Hatton
had veered off the road and fallen in to a Dikoya canal through a 20 foot deep precipice after crashing into a lamp post  at wanaraja watte in Dikoya on Hatton-Bagawanthalawa main road yesterday (11).

No one was injured due to the accident according to the Police.Due to a  technical fault the Lorry had veered off the road and crashed into a lamp post it has been revealed.


Beer Can Price Reduced Through The Budget-Minister Champika Ranawake Has Opposed The Proposal

Although the taxes imposed on strong liquors had
been increased through the 2018 Annual Budget proposals presented to the Parliament last Thursday (09)what is not given much  publicity is the reduction of a price of  Beer can by Rs.100 through the Budget by citing it will help to control the addiction to  illicit liquor " Kasippu" even after several sections of the society including Alcohol and Drugs Information Center (ADIC) had opposed on such a move before the Budget.

However the price reduction of a Beer can came to light today (11) as the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawake has opposed the reduction of Beer price like that by stating such a move will not help to control the addiction to illicit liqour at all and it caused a loss of tax revanue  to the government ,during the Budget debate in Parliament.

Minister Ranawake has mentioned  the Budget proposal on reducing the price of Beer is a move which the children and women in the  local society forward to consuming  Beer.

Meanwhile Labor Minister John Seneviratne has been reported as requested to decrease the price of local "Gal Arrack" which increased by the Budget.

A 73 Year Old Pedestrian Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A 73 year old pedestrian was killed after colliding with
a Motorcycle while crossing the road at Mahaara area on Suriyawewa-Hambanthota main road yesterday (10).

The critically injured Pedestrian who was a resident of Nabadagaswewa area had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Hambanthota Hospital.

The accident was occurred as the Motorcyclist travelling from  Hambanthota to Suriyawewa unable to control the spead of the vehicle it has been revealed.

Police have arrested the Motorcyclist regarding the accident.

Two Indian Nationals Were Arrested With 40 Grammes Of "Ice" Narcotic

The Airport Police Narcotic Bureau officials had
yesterday (10)arrested two Indian Nationals with 40 grammes of world's most dangerous narcotic "Ice"(Methamphetamine) in their possession on their arrival from India at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport .

The arrests were made as per an information received by the Police Narcotic Bureau.

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Talks Are Underway To Handover Sri Lankan Air Lines To Another Party-Finance Minister

Talks are  underway to handover the management of
the Sri Lanka's national carrier Sri Lankan Air Lines to another party in view of building of the carrier due to the heavy losses incurred since few years according to Minister Of Finance and Media Mangala Samaraweera.

The handing over will be done under the  cabinet approval Minister has stressed while pointing out that the government cannot govern the Carrier any more under the present circumstances.

A German Male Has Drowned Due To Strong Sea Waves In Tangalle

A 55 year old German male had drowned due to the
strong sea waves while bathing in the sea area of Tangalle with his wife this morning (11)it has been reported.

The drowned male had been saved and admitted to the Tangalle Hospital where he had succumbed to his injuries.

The post mortem of the deceased due to perform today at Tangalle Hospital.

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