Saturday, February 4, 2012

President Has Urged That Executive Powers Entitiled To Him Will Not Used Against People's Wishes

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said today(04) that the Executive Powers vested to him under the Constitution will not be used to act against the Wishes of the people by stressing committed towards Good Governance and Independence of  Judiciary.

Addressing the National Independence Day Celebrations held this morning at Anuradhapua President has also said that the Parliament is  Most Suitable place to find a solution to the National Issue and urged that all parties should unite to do so.He also stressed taht none will be allowed to deprive the citizens of their right to received free educationa dn free health care facilities currently enjoyed.

The President also said that People are now enjoying true  freedom of Independence after the war ended and stressed the need to unite to develop the country now in same manner people united to crush the LTTE War.

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