Saturday, January 27, 2018

Seven Female Sex Workers And Two Managers Arrested From.Two "SPA's In Welikada

Welikeda Police have arrested seven female sex
workers and two managers attached to two brothel houses situated at Old Kotte road in Welikada , Rajagiriya  maintained on the pretext of an Ayurveda Massage Centers (SPA) last night (27 ).

Accordingly a manager and two female sex workers were arrested in one Brothel house and a manager along with five female sex workers attached to another Brothel house were arrested later.

The raids carried out as per a search warrant issued by the Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court. The suspects are due to be produced before the Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court tomorrow (29 )

A Large Land Area Including A "Eucaliptus" Cultivation At A Reserve In Hatton Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large land area with valuable trees
including the cultivation of flowering tree "Eucaliptus" had been destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted in a reserve at Mahaweli, Ruwanpura zone in Hatton early this morning (28) it has been reported.

The cultivation of "Eucaliptus "in the reserve was completely destroyed due to the fire.

A large varieties of endangered species including Rabbits,Deers,Wild Boar,Leoperds and snakes are living in the reserve and the water resources which provides water to the Ruwanpura village also located there it has been revealed.

Authorities believes someone who want to hunt animals may have set the fire in the reserve early this morning.

Two Uzbekisthani Females Were Arrested Over Staying In Sri Lanka Without Visas

Colpetty Police have yesterday(27)arrested two 26 year
old females from Uzbekistan while staying in Sri Lanka without valid visas .

The two females were arrested in a Hotel at Colpetty and they are due to be produced before the court.


An Award Winning Cinema Director Dharmasena Pathiraja Was Passed Away

An award winning veteran Cinema Director Dharmasena Pathiraja has passed away at the age of 74 while receiving treatment in a Private Hospital at  Kandy last night (27).

Late Dharmasena Pathiraja was entered the Cinema industry by directing a 10 minute short film "Sathuro"(1970) and directed an internationally claimed movies like "Eya Dan Loku Lamayek "(1975)and "Bambaru Awith"(1978l and films like "Ahas Gawwa"(1974),"Soldadu Unnahe"(1981) "Wasuli"(1994)  and "Mathu Yam Dawasa"(2001)which was screened in Singapore International Film Festival and many Tele dramas and stage dramas during his career.

His film "Eya Dan Loku Lamayek" was screened in 09th Moscow International Film Festival and the Film "Bambaru Awith"screened at 10th Moscow International Film festival and Venice and Los Angalese Film festivals respectively.The late director had also won Presidential Awards for his movies.

He was also a lecturer,screenwriter and served as the chairman of Sri Lanka Media Training Institute.

An Indian National Was Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle A Piece Of Gold Illegally

A 48 year old Indian National was arrested by the
Police Anti Narcotic Bureau  officials while attempting to smuggle a piece of Gold weighing around one kilo gramme illegally to Sri Lanka at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport this morning (28).

The suspect who had arrived in  from Dubai hidden the piece of Gold inside his luggage according to reports.The estimated value of the Gold piece recovered in possession of the suspect is around Rs.5 million.

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials are conducting an investigations over the incident while keeping the suspect in detention .

Sports-Sri Lanka Wins Tri Nations Cricket Tournament After Recording 79 Run Win Over Bangladesh


A Third Of Coral Reefs Entangled With Plastics

A Person Expelled To Sri Lanka Over Attempting To Fly Austria By A Fake Passport Was Remanded

Minuwangoda acting Magistrate had remanded a Sri
Lankan national who was expelled to Sri Lanka from Abudhabi after arresting him while attempting to fly to Austria through Abudhabi by using a fake passport and visas ,until 29th of January.

The 25 year old resident of Kanthale who had left  Abudhabi on 23rd of January was arrested by the Authotities  there while attempting to fly to Austria by a fake passport and visas prepared from tbere .

The suspect was expelled to Sri Lanka and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)officials in Katunayake Airport had arrested him on his arrival and ptoduced him before the court.


Sri Lanka To Launch Two Communication Satellites For The First Time-Arthur C Clerk Center

Sri Lanka has planned to launch two communication
Satellites for the first time in history with the assistance of Japan and Russia according to the Arthur .C.Clerk center.

Accordingly one Satellite will be launched in 2019 with the assistance of Japan and the Second Sattelite will be launched with the assistance of Russia in 2020. 

Officials Arrested A Nigerean Female With 2.028 Kilo Grammes Of Methamphetamine Narcotic

Officials attached to the Police Anti Narcotic Division

had arrested a 21 year old Nigerian female with 2.028 Kilo Grammes of "Methamphetamine"narcotic known here as "Ice" in her possession on her arrival at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this noon (27).

The suspected female who arrived in from Dubai by an Emirates Alirline flight hidden the haul of narcotic inside her luggage according to the sources.

The estimated value of the haul of narcotic taken in to custody in possession of the suspected female is more than Rs.20 milion it has been revealed.

Officials are currently questioning her over the incident.

Parliament Will Convene A Special Session On 08th Of February To Debate On Bond Scam And Serious Fraud And Corruption Reports-Prime Minister

Parliament will convene for a special session on 08th
of February to conduct a debate on the reports of  Central Bank Bond and Serious Fraud and Corruption Commissions according to Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe

Addressing an Election Rally of United National Party (UNP) in Deniyaya area today (27)Prime Minister has stated neither him or UNP will afraid on a such a debate and the  accused named by the two commissions over involving in Central Bank Bond Scam issue and serious fraud and corruption activities should be punished as per the law.

Earlier party leaders had decided to convene a special Parliament session on 20th and 21st of February to debate on tbe two commission reports.

However President Maithripala Sirisena had recently requested that the dehate  should be held before the local government elections scheduled on 10th of February.

Four Persons Were Killed And Five Injured Due To Car-Bus Collision

Four persons were killed and five others three of them
critically injured and hospitalized due to a Motor Car-Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) bus collision occurred at Thelulla on the Thanamalwila-Wellawaya main road this morning (27).

The injured were admitted to the Thanamalwila Hospital for treatment and three were later transferred to the Hambanthota Base Hospital for further treatment.Two of the prrsons admitted to the Thanamalvila Hospital are bus passangers who received minor injuries.

 Four persons who were killed due to the accident were   travelling in the Motor Car  and three of them were killed on the spot it has been reported.

Six persons were travelling in the Motor Car at the time of the accident.

Kudaoya Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident and conducting an investigation on the incident.


Government To Provide Concessions To The Electricity Bills Issued During Last March ,April And May

Government has decided to grant concessions for the Electricity bills of the consumers for the months of March,April and May where an is...