Friday, April 15, 2016


Police Have Arrested 1056 Drunken Drivers During 10th Of April To 15th Of April Period

The Police have arrested a total number of 1056 motorists on the charge of driving under the influence of liquor from 10th of April to 15th of April under the special programme launched by department of police to arrest  the drunken drivers during the festive season.

A total number of 238 motorists were arrested on charge of driving under the liquor influence during the 24 hour period from 14th April to 15th April and majority of them were Motor cyclists( 124) according to police.73 Three Wheeler Drivers,20 Car Drivers ,09 Van Drivers,05 lorry drivers  and 03 drivers of private transport buses were among those arrested the Police have stated.

Three Indian Naval Ships Arrived At Colombo Harbor

Three Indian Naval Ships belonging to the "first training squadron " of the Indian Navy  namely The Coast Guard Ship "Varuna"Tir and INS Sujatha arrived in Colombo Harbor today(15) on a training visit.

The Three Indian Naval Ships were ceremonially welcomed by Sri Lanka Navy according to the naval traditions on their arrival it has been reported.

The three Indian Naval Ships are due to hold a joint naval exercise with Sri Lanka Navy during their stay in the island till 19th of This month.


A Man Was Drowned In The Sea At Katukurunda Whilst Bathing

A Man was drowned in the sea today(15) at Katukurunda,Kalutara (In Western Province) whilst bathing there it has been reported.

The drowned person had faced this incident whilst bathing in the sea with a group of persons according to the Police.

The Kalutara South Police along with the residents of the area have launched a search operation to find the missing person.


Swiss Government Has Received 146 Applications From Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers During First Quarter Of This Year

Swiss Government had received 146 Applications from Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers during the first three months of this year from January to March according to Switzerland's Federal Migration Office.

However when compared to the Asylum Seeking Applications received from Sri Lankan's during the final quarter of last year(2015) first quarter of this year  shows a 45% drop out of receiving applications  the Federal Migration Office has stated.

Altogether the Switzerland's Federal Migration Office have received 8315 Asylum Seeking Applications from All countries during first quarter of this year.


Ten Year Old Child Was Killed And Four Others Injured Due To A Lorry Accident Occurred On Dambulla-Kurunagala Road

A Ten year old Child was killed and four others were injured and hospitalized due to a Lorry they were travelling in from Kurunagala to Dambulla Area  toppled down on Dambulla -Kurunagala Main Road this morning.

Ten year old child was succumbed to his injuries after being hospitalized and the four other injured were also hospitalized for treatment it has been reported.

The accident has occurred due to the driver loosing control of the lorry. Gokarella Police have arrested the driver of the lorry regarding the accident and conducting an investigations on the accident.

Two Youth Were Killed Due To A Motor Bicycle Accident

Image result for accident graphicTwo youth were killed on A-9 Road at Krishnapuram,Kilinochchi(In Northern Province)today (15)due to a Motor Bicycle they were travelling in veered off the road and crashed into a light post according to the Police.

The two 17 year old youth who were critically injured due to the accident succumbed to their injuries after being admitted to the Kilinochchi Hospital.

The Kilinochchi Police are conducting an investigations on the accident.


A Wild Elephant Had Attacked And Killed Two Persons In Anuradhapura

Two Persons were killed at Saliyapura and Theppankulama Areas In Anuradhapura District(In North Central Province)  early this morning due to an attack by a Wild Elephant.

The Wild Elephant had attacked and killed two persons including a person who was  walking on Saliyapura Road and a one who was in front of his house at Theppankulama according to the Police.

The Anuradhapura Police are conducting an Investigations on the incident.

Department Of Police Had Temporarily Interdicted Three Police Officers Who Were On Duty At Laggala Police Station During The Firearm Robbery

The Department Of Police have today(15) temporarily interdicted the three police officers attached to  Laggala Police Station(In Central Province) who were on duty  the day that six firearms were stolen from the Police Station .

According to the Police Media Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera this temporary interdiction has been  done in view of not hampering the investigations on the incident that being carried out.

Six firearms including  a T-56 Assault Rifle and five revolvers were stolen from the Laggala Police Station on early morning yesterday by an individual while four police officers were on duty at that time in the police station.

The acting Inspector General Of Police had yesterday (14) ordered the acting Deputy Inspector General Of Police in Central Province and Criminal Investigations Department(CID) to investigate on the robbery The CID officers have questioned from the four police officers who were in duty at the Police Station during the robbery till late last night it has been reported.

Officials are also investigating whether the above mentioned police officers had been drunk at the time of robbery.


Government To Increase The Value Added Tax(VAT) From 11% To 15% From 02nd Of May

The government has decided to increase the Value Added Tax(VAT) from 11% to 15%   including the Health and Telecommunication Sectors with effect from 02nd of May according to the Ministry Of Finance.

The goods imported to Sri Lanka and goods and services supplied within territorial limits of Sri Lanka are subjected for this Tax increase the Ministry has stated.

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has announced in Parliament last March that the government will increase the Value Added Tax from 11% to 15% .


US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations