Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Motor Bike Rider Was Shot Dead At Kochchikade This Morning

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A person riding  a  Motor Bicycle has been shot dead by two unidentified gunmen traveling from another Motor Bicycle at Wela Kade Junction in Madampella ,Kochchikade(In Negambo) this morning.
 The two unidentified gunmen have fled away from the area after shooting it has been revealed.
A 41 year old Person has died due to the shooting and his body is now at Negambo Base Hospital according to the  Police.Kochchikade Police are conducting investigations on the incident.

Six Indian Nationals Were Arrested In Colombo In Suspicion Of They Might Have Donated Their Kidneys For Transplants

The Colombo Crimes Division had arrested 06 Indian Nationals At Wellawatta(In Colombo District) last night in suspicion of they might have  donated their Kidneys illegally  for Transplants here.

These Indian Nationals were arrested while staying at Seventh Floor of a Building at Wellawatta and they all had cuts on their stomach according to sources.Drivers and Tailors are among those arrested sources have said.

The Police suspected these   Indians might have arrived Sri Lanka as a part of the alleged Kidney Transplant Racket operated between Sri Lanka And India.However the Indian Police have recently  arrested the kingpin of the alleged Kidney Racket Suresh Prajapathi of India.

Sri Lankan Health Ministry has temporarily banned Performing of Kidney Transplants for Foreigners In Sri Lankan Hospitals due to the alleged Kidney Transplant Racket  .

Criminal Investigations Department(CID) is currently conducting an investigation on the Kidney Racket and Indian Police have already named six Sri Lankan Doctors who involved in this racket.

Shoe Manufacturing Company Fined Rs.250,000 For Disposing Waste To Kelaniya Ganga(River)

Kelaniya River

 The Maligawatte Magistrate Court has today(04) imposed a Rs.250,000 fine for a Shoe Manufacturing Company which found guilty for  disposing Company's  waste to Kelaniya Gnaga(River).

 When the case was taken up for hearing today Maligawatte Magistrate has ordered the Shoe Manufacturing Company to pay the fine.


Senior Appellate Court Judge Has Took Oaths As A Supreme Court Judge

The Senior Appellate Court Judge Justice H.N.J Perera has took oaths as a Supreme Court Judge yesterday(03) before President Maithripala Sirisena.
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The oath taking ceremony was held at Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.


Colombo High Court Has Issued Arrest Warrant Again For Former LTTE Financial Leader

The Colombo High Court has yesterday(03) again ordered the Police to arrest former Finance Leader of LTTE Terrorist Group Anthony Emil Kanthan and produce him before the Court.

Colombo High Court had earlier issued arrest warrants and red notices to arrest and produce Emil Kanthan before court and later the  Court has removed the arrest warrant issued against Kanthan per the requests made by his attorneys who said their client will be surrendered to the court soon.

However as still the above mentioned suspect has not  surrendered to the police the High Court has issued arrest warrants against him again.

Investigations On Gunfire Shooting At A Prison Bus Handed Over To Colombo Crimes Division

The Investigations on the shooting incident occurred on last Tuesday at  a Prison Bus which carried Prisoners from Colombo High Court to Welikada Prison are handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division under the instructions of Inspector General Of Police.

Due to the gun fire shooting of a group of  unidentified gunmen who came from a Motor Bicycle and a Car and  fired at Prison Bus and fled away from the area according to Police.

One of the accused of assassination of  Former Presidential Adviser Bharatha Lakshman Premachandre "Dematagoda Chaminda was injured and hospitalized due to the gunfire incident.


Right To Information Bill To Be Presented To The Parliament For First Reading On 08th Of March

The Right To Information Bill is due to be presented to the Parliament for first reading on 08th of March according to the Ministry Of Parliamentary Reforms And Mass Media has stated.

After the first reading of the Bill next Tuesday(08) it would included in the agenda of Parliament the Ministry has said.

All the Provincial Councils had already endorsed the Right To Information Draft Bill which referred to to them according to Deputy Minister Of Parliamentary Reforms And Mass Media Karunaratne Paranawithana .


Prime Minister Appointed A Five Member Committee To Probe On Island Wide Power Failure

The Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has today (03)appointed a Five Member Committee to Investigate on Island Wide Power Failure occurred last week and instructed the Committee to submit the  report within four weeks.

According to Prime Minister's Media Unit the five member committee comprising of Professor Sam Karunaratne,Professor Kumar David,Thilak Kollure ,Neyomal Palpola and C.Maliyadda.

The Island Wide Power Failure which occurred on last Thursday lasted for several hours and interrupted work in the country during the period.

Court Verdict Of Rape And Murder Of Five Year Old Seya Sadewmini Is To Be Issued On 15th of March

The Court Verdict regarding the Rape and Murder of Five Year old Seya Sadewmini of Kotadeniyawa(In Western Province) is due to be issued on 15th of March by the Negambo High Court.

The Decision to issue Court Verdict regarding rape and murder Case of Seya Sadewmini was taken when the case was taken up for hearing today at Negambo High Court.

Five Year old Seya was found strangled to death near her house at Kotadeniyawa on 13th of September 2015 after went missing from her home .

A Resident of the Area where deceased Seya Sadewmini  lived ,Saman Jayalath was found guilty for the rape and killing of the girl  and he is currently in prison over the charge.


Embilipitiya Magistrate Has Ordered The Police To Exhume The Body Of youth Who Died At A Clash In Embilipitiya

Image result for court order logoThe Embilipitiya  Magistrate has today(03) ordered to exhume the body of youth who had died following a clash occurred at a party house in Embilipitiya between residents and Police recently.

The Magistrate's Order came after Presidents Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya who is  appearing behalf of the victim has requested the Magistrate to conduct the post mortum  again for the victim in order to clarify the verdict given by Judicial Medical Officer in his report earlier.

After the order given to exhume the body of deceased youth the Embilipitiya Magistrate has also ordered the Police to provide security to the Cemetery in which the youth  was buried.

The Report of the Judicial Medical Officer has stated that injuries,shock and severe internal bleeding have caused the death of above mentioned youth.

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