Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Government To Make HIV/AIDS Test Compulsory For New University Entrants

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Minister Of Health,Nutrition ans Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has informed the Parliament on Monday that government has decided to make HIV/AIDS Test compulsory for New University Entrants due to the threat of spreading HIV/AIDS among youth as a result of the risky behavior pattern prevails among majority of them.

CID Has Recorded A Statement From Avant Garde Chairman

Image result for avant gardeThe Criminal Investigations  Department  (CID) has yesterday (08) summoned the Chairman  of Controversial Avant Garde Security Services Limited Retired Major Nissanka Senadipathi to question regarding the floating armory run by his Security Services Limited.

CID has recorded a Statement from Avant Garde Security Services Chairman regarding Floating Armory it has been reported.

One Hundred Seventeen Judicial Officers To Be Transferred With Immediate Effect

Image result for judicial officersThe Judicial Services Commission Secretariat has decided to transfer 117 Judicial Officers with effect from 01st Of January 2016.

The transferred Judicial Officers include District Judges,Additional District Judges,Chief Magistrates and Magistrates .


Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density In 11 Cities Is In The Increase

Image result for dengue mosquito larvae densityThe Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density in 11 Cities throughout the Sri Lanka is on the increase due to the occasional heavy showers prevailing in many parts of the Country these days according to Health Sources.

 The Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density in 11 Cities including Colombo,Kurunagala,Kandy,Puttalam,Thrincomalee,Galle,Homagama is stands as more than 15  in the Bretau  Index.The Mosquito Larvae Density  more than 5 in Bretau Index is considering as an epidemic situation .Bretau Index is the index that measure Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density .

A Special Sri Lankan Flight Left To New Delhi This Morning To Bring Back A Group Of Stranded Sri ankans There

Image result for sri lankan flightA special Sri Lankan Flight UL-1191 has left to New Delhi-India this morning to bring back a group of 305 Sri Lankans stranded in India due to the closure of Chennai Air Port.

Sri Lankan and Mihin Lanka Air Lines last week arranged a Special Flight to Buddhagaya(Bodh Gaya) to bring back a group of 120 Pilgrims who were stranded in Buddhagaya due to the floods in Chennai Air Port.


Double Murder At Hikkaduwa-Baddegama Road

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An unidentified Gunman or Gunmen had shot down two persons this evening at Pathana Area in Hikkaduwa-Baddegama (In Southern Province) Road according to the Police.

The Bodies of the two victims have been taken to Arachchikanda Hospital and Police have investigating on the incident.

Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear