Friday, April 29, 2011

World Health Organization Awarded An International Certificatte For Sri Lanka On Eradication Of Filaria

The World Health Organization(WHO) has today awarded an International Progress Certificate to Sri Lanka for becoming the First Country in South Asia to eradicate the Disease Filaria .

The Certificate was awarded after a survey conducted by a group of World Health Organization experts in cities Dehiwala,Wattala and Ja Ela which are widely  known as the filaria ring and found that there are no trace of filaria parasite spreading the disease in these cities  and not even a single victim suffering from the disease.

According to the survey results the WHO satisfied the progress made by Sri Lanka on eradicating the Filaria from the country and awarded the Certificate to Sri Lanka the Ministry Of Health has announced.The Deputy Director General Dr.Sunil Settinayaka was accepted the progress certificate on behalf of the Ministry.

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