Monday, September 18, 2017

Due To War Crimes Allegations Had Not Received Visas To USA-Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka

Due to the war crimes allegations levelled against Sri
Lankan Army during the war against LTTE Minister ,Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka had not received visas to enter United States to attend United Nations General Assembly according to Field Marshal Fonseka.

He is due to accompany President Maithripala Sirisena to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York.President Sirisena and the Sri Lankan delegation attending UN General Assembly had arrived in USA yesterday (18).


A Female Was Arrested With More Than 50 Grammes Of Heroin In Her Possession

A female was arrested with 50 grammes and 100 mili
grammes of Heroin in her possession in Obeysekarapura area,Rajagiriya by the anti corruption unit officers attached to the Western province.

The suspected female is a 36 year old resident of  Welikada area.

A Youth Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

An 18 yesr old youth was killed and another person
had been injured and hospitalized after the motorcycle they were  riding in veering off the road and colliding with a tree at bakmuruppuwa area in Bingiriya .

The critically injured motorcyclist and the pillion rider had been admitted to the Chilaw hospital for treatment and the motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the hospital it has been reported.

The deceased had been identified as a youth resided in wellarawa,Bingiriya area.

Four Indian Nationals Had Arrested In Bandarawela

Police had arrested four Indian Nationals staying in Sri
Lanka without valid visas and passports in Bandarawela area today (18).

The suspects are due to be produced before Bandarawela Magistrate court.

A Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident In Balangoda

A female was killed and another female had injured
and hospitalized after a motor car veering off the road by run over the two femalea in ellapola,Balangoda on Colombo-Badulle road today (18).

The deceased had been identified as a 42 year old female resident of Ellepola area.

Police had arrested the motor car driver over the imcident.

Former Deputy Minister Victor Perera Had Arrested Over Taking Money From A Person By Promising An Employment

Former deputy minister of coconut development and
Puttalam district  MP Anthony Victor perera had been arrested today (18)and produced before the Chilaw magistrate court over taking a Rs.300,000 advance from a person by promising him an employment in New Zealand .

The former deputy minister who had taken the money from a person in 2014 had released on bail after been producing before the court.

The suspect had asked the person a Rs.1.5 million to recruit a job in New Zealand and get caught while accepting Rs.300,000 it has been revealed.

Foreign-Caribbean Braced For Major New Hurricane


Six Persons Injured After A Building Under Construction Which They Were In Collapsed To The Ground

Six persons have been injured and hospitalized after a five storied building under construction which they were in at  Palassagama,Ahangama area had collapsed this morning(18).

Related imageAll six injured workers who were involved in construction work at the  Building at the time of the incident have been admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Five workers have been saved soon after the collapse of the Building and the sixth worker was saved after a long battle launched by the Tri forces,Police and the  fire brigade around 12 30 p.m and his leg had seriously damaged due to the incident it has been reported.

All the vehicles parked in ground floor of the Building had buried under the rubble it has been revealed.

Habaraduwa Pradeshiya sabha had approved only three stories for the Building  which collapsed today and the owners had illegally built five stories of the Building which is due to be used for tourism industry.

Higher Number Of Dengue Deaths Reported Among Females This Year-National Co-Ordinator Of Dengue

Image result for dengue
Around 68% out of the total number of 390  Dengue deaths  reported throughout the Island this year were  females according to the National Co-coordinator of Dengue in Ministry Of Health Dr.Hasitha Thisera.

There is an increase  of Dengue deaths among females this year and the exact reason for that not yet been revealed Dr.Thisera has stressed by addressing a press briefing held at the Government Information Department in Narahenpita today(18) on Dengue situation of the country.

Majority of the females who have died due to Dengue this year were belonging to the age group 15-45 years and it is believed that due to the family commitments  these females  were not paid much attention to their private health issues and as a result died due to delaying  getting treatment for Dengue Dr.Thisera has stressed.

However majority around 55% of the over 144,800 Dengue patients reported up to now this year  were males and 45% were females according to the statistics.

Addressing the Press Briefing Director General Of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara had praised both the print and electronic  media of the  country for their huge contribution towards   minimizing  the Dengue patients of the country  withing a short period of time.

A National Dengue Control Week is due to be commenced from 20th to 26th of September in view of removing Dengue mosquito breeding places throughout the island it has been announced.

Health Minister Has Ordered DGHS To Transfer Acting MOIC Of Welikada Prison Hospital Dr.Nirmali Thenuwara To The National Hospital

Image result for transferHealth Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne Has today(18) ordered the Director General Of Health Services(DGHS) Dr.Jayasundara Bandara to transfer the acting Medical Officer in Charge(MOIC) at Welikada Prison Hospital Dr.Nirmali Thenuwara, who is charged over helping political prisoners in Welikada Prison to transfer to the super ward in  Welikada Hospital by admitting that they are suffering from fake chronic diseases ,to the Colombo National Hospital with immediate effect.

Dr.Nirmali Thenuwara who had recently helped the two former  government officers who were imprisoned over the "Sil Redhi" case Lalith Weerathunge and Anusha Palpita to enter the super ward soon after put them inside the prison through a  fake recommendation by stating that they are suffering with acute Diabetes ,is due to be testified by Criminal Investigations Department (CID) soon over 26 in disciplinary acts of her according to the Health Ministry.

The transfer of Dr.Thenuwara had been ordered after 19 doctors attached to the Welikada Prison Hospital who are against the acts of the lady doctor in charge of the Hospital held talks with Health Minister Dr.Senaratne at the Health Ministry today.

The 19 doctors have been reported sick leave and attended the discussion held with the minister and handed over a report contains 26 in disciplinary acts of Dr.Thenuwara to the Minister it has been reported.As per the request made by the group of doctors ,Health Minister has also instructed the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Bandara to make a written request from the Inspector General Of Police to inquire on the charges leveled against Dr.Thenuwara through CID.

Meanwhile Dr.J.K Malwattage is due to be appointed as the acting Medical Officer in Charge of the Welikada Prison Hospital Health Ministry has stated. 

People Should Avoid Consuming Rice Or Any Other Food Item Three Times A Day Due To Containing Of Lead Chemical In Rice And Certain Vegetables-Dr.Ananda Jayalal

Image result for lead chemical symbol
People should avoid consuming rice or any other food item as their main meals three times a day due to the higher "lead" chemical  levels found in Rice and Vegetable samples taken from the houses of those suffering with unidentified Kidney disease and their blood samples, Main surveyor of the Poison detection project in food at Ministry Of Health Dr.T.B Ananda Jayalal has stated today(18).

Addressing a special media briefing held at the Government Information Department in Narahenpita this morning(18) Dr.Jayalal has stated that the Higher lead levels around 60% had been  found in blood samples taken from the kidney patients and their family members including children as well as in 277 food samples taken from those houses including  Rice and Vegetables .A sufficient amount of Cadmium also present  in Rice and vegetable samples taken from these houses he has stressed.

As Lead chemical is harmful to human health and public should avoid consuming one food meal for three times a day  and should eat more fish and avoid eating liver as it contains higher amount of poison according to Dr.Jayalal.

The varieties of Rice people should avoid consuming as their main meals three times a day will be announced soon he has further stated.

Dr.Jayalal also stated that paddy cultivation methods with minimum use of agri chemicals and adapting carbon paddy cultivation method ,selecting suitable crop varieties  for cultivation should be adapted as well due to this situation.The research on finding  Lead in food items in houses of the patients suffering with unidentified Kideny disease continues further he has revealed.

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