Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Fly Contaminated "Cloxacillin "Injection Vial Found From Colombo South Teaching Hospital

A fly was found inside of a "Cloxacilin " Injection Vial scheduled to be inject a patient at Surgical Ward of the Colombo South (Kalubowila) Teaching Hospital on yesterday (11) the hospital sources have revealed.The Injection Vial was sent to the National Drug Quality Assurance Laboratory for further tests according to a hospital spokesman.

Hospital Authorities have also informed the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) which supplied the Injection Vials to the hospitals on this the sources further added.However still the relevant authorities are not able to withdraw the batch of "Cloxacilin" Injection related  to the fly contaminated Injection Vial  as a precautionary measure it has been reported.

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