Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sugar Levels Contains In Local Soft Drink Products Reduced By Ten Percent -Health Ministry

Local Soft Drink  manufacturers who have used higher amount of Sugar for their products  now decreased the sugar level contains in their Soft Drinks by 10 percent after introduced the traffic light system which indicating  the Suger level of a product and  steps will be taken to reduce it more Ministry Of  Health ,Nutrition and  Indigenous Medicine has stated.

In view of reducing the  deaths occurred due to the non communicable diseases in Sri Lanka .Health Ministry is due to introduce traffic light system indicating sugar levels contains in a product to the sweet meets  also  Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senatatne has said.

Minimum Fine For Traffic Violations Should Be Increased Up To Rs.25,000-Health Minister Dr.Senaratne

The minimum fine imposed for traffic violations committed  by underaged Drivers,Drunken Drivers and  Drivers without licence should   be increased up to Rs.25,000 not Rs 2500 as proposed in the Budget Minister Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr
Rajitha Senatatne has stated.

Traffic violations can be reduced only If the minimum fine imposed on traffic violations increased  to such an amount Minister has stressed.

The road accidents in Sri Lanka has increased to an alarming rate due to the traffic violations  committed by certain section of people he has said.

Thought the budget  minimum fine  for traffic violations involved in underaged persons.Drunken persons and  persons without a  driving licence  proposed to increase up   to Rs.2500 and it will be unfair that a section of trade unions  trying to strike against that proposal Health Minister has further stated during road accident awareness programme held for drivers at BMICH recently.

A 64 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To A Road Accident On Piliyandala- Moratuwa Road

A 64 year old person was killed after knocking down
by a Jeep while crossing the road of Piliyandala-Moratuwa road it has been reported.

The deceased was succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital in critical condition.

Police have arrested the Jeep driver regarding the accident.


Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe Expressed His Support To The Proposals On Increasing Salaries Of MP's'

While expressed his support to  the proposals on
increasing the salaries of MP's ,Prime minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has today (19)stated at Parliament that his wife Professor Maithree Wikramasinghe was drawing a higher salary than him.

Attending the debate on Annual Budget-2017 Prime Minister Wikramasinghe has said that he has no objection on giving vehicles for the Parliamentariens to carry out their work in the electorates.

Meanwhile the expenditures of twenty nine heads of the country including President and Prime Minister for the fiscal year 2017 passed today at the Parliament without any amendments.

A Sudden Fire Had Broken Out At A Textile Warehouse In Boralesgamuwa

A sudden fire had broken out at a Textile warehouse
in Papiliyana,Boralesgamuwa(Colombo) this evening.

Around six fire brigade  trucks belonging to the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Urban Council had been used douse the fire .The reason behind the fire  not yet been revealed.

A Chinese National Was Drowned While Bathing In The Seas Off Weligama

A chinese national was drowned in the seas off
udupila,weligama(Matara District) yesterday (18)while bathing it has been reported.

The 29 year old Chinese national was drowned while sea bathing with a group of foreigners according to the reports.His body had beensent to Matara General Hospital for the post mortem.

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Prime Minister Submitted Reports Of Six Sub Committees On New constitution To The Constitutional Council

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has  submitted reports received from six sub committees regarding the new constitution to the Constitutional Council which met today (19) at the Parliament chamber.

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe who is also the chairman of the Steering Committee has stated that the proposed new Constitution will be drafted in consultation with all the political parties and people will get an opportunity  to approve it.

Meanwhile the opposition leader and leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) R.Sampanthan has stated that the proposed new constitution should be approved through an island wide referendum.


Is this the new wonder food? Breadfruit is high in protein and has the potential to feed the world, experts say

  • Breadfruit has lumpy green flesh and a potato-like texture
  • It is widely eaten in the Pacific Islands and scientists are encouraging the planting of trees in countries with poor food security
  • One breadfruit, which weighs around seven lbs (3kg) provides the carbohydrate portion of a meal for a family of five
  • It can be can be ground into flour and used to make pancakes
  • The fruit is rich in vitamins and is a source of carbohydrate and protein 
  • The protein in the fruit has a higher proportion of aminio acids than soy.

The fruit can be ground into flour and used in sweet and savoury dishes, including pancakes and crisps.
It is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as being a high source of gluten-free carbohydrate and protein.
The protein in the fruit has a higher proportion of aminio acids than soy.
Diane Ragone of Hawaii’s National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) has been studying the plant since the 1980s, which some people say is bland and starchy.


Mary McLaughlin, founder of the charity Trees that Feed, said that the high-protein fruit can be used to make pancakes.
A third of a cup of breadfruit flour is added to the same quantity of orange juice as well as one egg, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.
The mixture is fried in a pan and this recipe makes pancakes for three people.
Breadfruit crisps and pasta are being developed so that the food can be more easily stored.
The NTBG said that mature breadfruit is a healthy substitute for any starchy food such as rice and potatoes if it is boiled, steamed or baked.
Small immature fruit can be boiled, pickled and marinated. They are said to taste like artichoke hearts.
Ripe fruits are creamy and sweet and can be eaten raw or used to make cakes and pies.
Even the flowers found on the trees can be candied and eaten as sweets.
She has studied hundreds of varieties from 34 countries.
Together with Nyree Zerega of Northwestern University in Chicago, she traced back the roots of the fruit using DNA analysis to the breadfruit ‘Eve’.

Most of the fruit she examined included fingerprints of a plant called the breadnut that grows in New Guinea. The breadnut is thought to be the ancestor of the breadfruit.
In 2003 Dr Ragone created the NTBG’s Breadfruit Institute, which includes an orchard on the island of Maui. 
Scientists there are working with the charity Alliance to End Hunger with the aim of distributing breadfruit to places without a regular supply of food across the world.

‘Traditionally in Polynesia you would plant a breadfruit when a child was born, because that would guarantee food throughout the child’s life’ Dr Zerega said.

Breadfruit trees require little care and thrive in the tropics. 
Now experts are investigating which varieties best suit certain environments and climates – as well as local tastes – in countries lacking food security.

Education Ministry To Ban Teachers From Accepting Gifrs From School Children

Ministry Of Education has decided to ban teachers from accepting gifts from School Children and collecting money from them for School Events.  

Accordingly Education Ministry is due to issue a circular soon regarding this to be implemented with effect from next year according to the Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam

This move will be taken as per the requests made by parents Minister has stressed during a function held at  kuluyapitiya School.

Collecting Money from school children for school events is a threat to the free education system in the country and it places a mental burden to the School Children he has stated.

Twenty Five Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus Collision At Halpe Area

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Twenty Five persons were injured and hospitalized this morning(19) due to a CTB (Ceylon Transport Bus)Bus - Private Bus collision occurred at Halpe area on Colombo-Badulla main road according to the Balangoda Police.

The injured mainly female garment factory workers  were admitted to the Balangoda and Samanalawewa Hospitals for treatment and their condition is not serious the Police have stated.

The accident has occurred when a CTB Bus collided with a Private Bus transporting female garment factory workers.

Balangoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

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