Monday, November 10, 2008

Sri Lanka Defeeted 191 Countries To Achieve Five MDG'S Before The Deadline

Out of 192 Developed and Developing Countries Sri Lanka Became the First Country To Achieved Five Out of Eight Millennium Development Goals(MDGS) this year which United Nations Set to Achieved in year 2015.Out of these Five MDG'S Four are Belong to the Health Sector.These MDG'S Achieved by Sri Lanka including National Immunization Campaign,Infant Mortality Rate,Maternal Mortality Rate,Improving Life Expectancy and Environment Sustainability.
Hundred Member UN Delegation is Expected to Arrive Here Next Month to Examine how A Low Income Country Like Sri Lanka Achieved These MDG'S before the Deadline.

Two Million Sri Lankans Are Diabetics?

There are around Two Million Diabetic Patients living in Sri Lanka and the Child and Youth Population who caught the Disease are on increase President of the Sri Lanka Diabetic Association Dr.Mahen Wijesuriya said To Day(10).According to the Dr.Wijesuriya Bad Food Habits,Lack of Exercise and Obesity caused this situation and when treating them it is a Burden to a Low Income Country Like Sri Lanka.Large Number of School Children and Infants are suffering from the Complexions of the Diabetes such as Heart Diseases,Kidney Infections,Stroke and Eye Disorders He further added.

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