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indefinite Curfew Imposed In Kalmunai And Samanthurai Areas Has Been Lifted-Due To Be Re Imposed From 5 P.M This Evening (28)

The indefinite Curfew imposed in Kalmunai and Samanthurai areas last Friday (26)following the suicide bombings  has been lifted at 10 A.M this morning (28) and will be re imposed at 5 P.M this evening until further notice the Police Media Spokesman's Office has announced.

Earlier Police have announced an indefinite Curfew in these areas since last Friday night .The situation in these areas brought under control the Police have stated.

Police Curfew Imposed From 10 P.M Last Night(27)Until 4 A.M This Morning(28)-Curfew Remains In Kalmunai And Samanthurai

Police curfew imposed island wide
from 10.p.m last night has been lifted at 4 a.m today(28)except Kalmunai and Samanthurai areas where police curfew has been imposed since last friday night(26) until further notice.

Police curfew has been imposed in Kalmunai and Samanthurai   areas until further notice after three suicide  bomb explosions occurred at a house in seindumaridu in Kalmunai and recovering of suicide bomb kits and explosives from a house at Samanthurai .

Security is being tightened in these areas.

Meanwhile Police Media Spokesman's office has yesterday(27) announced that no one in Armed forces hurt or killed during the gun shot exchange between forces and extremists at seindamaridu area as stated by podu jana peramuna MP during a political programme televised through a private T.V channel here last friday .The  MP has stated around 11 Armed forces members had been killed due to the incident.

Head Priest Of Muslim Mosque In Slave Island And Municipal Council MP Arrested Over Keeping 47 Swords In A Mosque Handed Over To Colombo Crimes Division

The head priest of the Muslim Mosque
in Slave Island Maulawi Mohommad Fahim and United National Party(UNP)MP of Colombo Municipal Council Mohommad Thajudeen who had been arrested by the Slave Island police over keeping 47 swords in the Mosque have been handed over to Colombo Crimes Division (CCD)yesterday (27)for further questioning.

The Maulawi of Slave Island Mosque had been arrested by the Police last friday evening(26) whilst keeping 47 swords under his bed during a search operation carried out there.

A suicide bomb kit and uniforms similar to that of Army uniforms had been also taken in to custody during the raid.

Police have arrested the UNP Municipal council MP Thajudeen yesterday over assisting the Mosque to purchase swords.The MP whomis the treassurer of Muslim Mosque Confederation has 10 Mosques under him.

Police are investigating on  whether the MP has distributed money for those Mosques under him to purchase sharp objects .

MP's Have Requested President To Appoint Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka As Minister Of Law And Order

Few parliamentarians including
Governing United National Party(UNP)MP 's had requested President Maithripala Sirisena to appoint Field marshal Sarath Fonseka as Minister Of Law and Order through a letter it has been reported.

As Field Marshal Fonseka is the only MP of the government who is an expert on defense he should be given the Ministerial portfolio the letter has pointed out.

Government including Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe had requested the President last year also that Field Marshal Fonseka should be given the Law and order Ministerial portfolio .However president has turned a blind eye towards the request  and kept the Ministerial portfolio under his authority.

Deputy Mayor Of Negambo Had Been Arrested With Sharp Objects And Mobile Batteries In Possession

Airforce personal  have
yesterday(27)arrested the Deputy Mayor  of Negambo Mohommad  Asran with sharp objects and a stock of mobile phone batteries in his possession at his house in Periyamulla,Negambo.

Accordingly a sword,few knives and 38 mobile phone batteries have been taken into custody in his possession .

He was handed over to Negambo Police for further investigations.

Security Forces Recovered 03 Kilo Grammes Of Powerful Explosives In A House At Samanthurai

Security forces have recovered two
parcels contains around 03 Kilo Grammes of powerful explosives and uniforms wore by the eight suicide bombers who had  involved in suicide bombings at three churches and four  hotels on easter sunday(21) from house at Samanthurai area(Eastern Province)during a raid carried out there.

Forces have found the ISIS Banner displayed in the background of a video released showing eight suicide bombers made a pledge before easter sunday attacks .The house has been identified as the place that used for that video according to police.

Around 04 Houses believes to be used as residencies by suicide bombers have been recovered  in Samanthurai area  Police Media Spokesman's Office says.

Several parts of Suicide Bomb Kits
along with a plate fixing to a Suicide kit with iron balls had been recovered from a house at Nindavur ,Ampara ,(Eastetn Province )by the Police and Special Police Task Force Personal(STF) during a raid carried out in the area today (27).

Forces have taken in to custody a vehicle not registered parked  near the house it has been revealed.



A Person With 49 Knives Had Been Taken Into Custody From A Mosque In Maskeliya

Maskeliya Police have arrested a store
keeper of the Anafi Jumma Mosque at Maskkeliya this morning (27)in possession of 49 knives and two  axes during a search operation carried out in the Mosque.

As the store keeper of the Mosque was unable to explain the  reason behind storing these sharpen objects in the Mosque ,Police have arrested him it has been revealed.

The knives taken in to custody by the police are 9 to 12 inch long according to Police..

The Mosque is being displayed a banner conveying it's condolences regarding the Easter Sunday bombings it has been reported. 

An Indian National Had Been Arrested Whilst Stationing A Drone Camera

Meetiyagoda Police have arrested an Indian National who had stationed a drone camera in the space whilst travelling from Seenigama to Hikkaduwa(Southern Province) from a Motor Car today(27) despite the ban imposed on stationing of Drone cameras in the country.

The suspected Indian national who had arrived in sri lanka on 16 th of April and residing in a Tourist Hotel at Hikkaduwa had attempted to station a drone camera and police have arrested him after being informed by the residents of the area.

Meetiyagoda Police are conducting further investigations over the incident.

Due to the security situation of the country National Civil Aviation Authority  has imposed a temporary ban on stationing  aircrafts without pilots in the space including drones . recently.

Driver Of The Extremist leader Mohommad Zaharan Had Been Arrested

The driver of the controversial
Preacher Mohommad Zaharan Hashim who was  the ring leader of National Thowheeth Jamaath extremist group and rresponsible for easter sunday attacks ,had been arrested by the Kaththankudy police at Kaththankudy today (27)

The 53 year old suspect Mohammad sharif  Adamlebbe has been handed over to the Criminal Investigations department.(CID)for further action

Two Organizations Responsible For Easter Sunday Bimbings Had Been Banned By The President

Two local extremist organizations
jihadist "National Thawheeth Jamaath"(NTJ)and splinter group 'Jamaathei Millathu Ibrahim Fee Seilani"(JMI) found as responsible for Easter Sunday attacks had been banned by the President Maithripala Sirisena under the Emergancy Regulations according to President's Media Division.

Accordingly movable immovable Properties and activities of these organization's will be banned in Sri Lankan soil it has been revealed.

Those who are in touch with these organizations also can be detained under the ban.

President Sirisena is considering the banning of other extremist organizations carrying out their operations in Sri Lanka it has been reported.

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