Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Present the Budget Today

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha Present the Fourth Budget of His Government this Noon as the Finance Minister what Govt.Sources Mentioned as a Budget Providing Relief to the People and Encouraging Development of the Country.

Barack Obama Elected As The New US President Promising A Change

Demoratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama ToDay(05) Elected as the 44th and youngest US President after winning 297 Electoral Collage votes 27 more than the Required.With this win as most Analysts Described as a Historic One Obama Became the First Black American US President Elect.Obama's Father is a Kenyan and Mother is an American.In Next Step Obama will Face
Electoral Collage Voting in December and it is expected that He will Get the Majority as Democrats able to gain Control in the Both House Of Representatives and the House of Senate in the Congress.After the Voting He will Assumed His Duties as a US President on 20th of January Next Year(2009).His Running Mate Jo Byden Became the Vice President.Although He won the Elections Barack Obama will faced a Tough Task during his First Term of Office as he has to Implement Policies like Cutting down Taxes and Solving the Rising Unemployment Problem in the US and Bringing Back the American Troops in Iraq as he Pledged during his Election Campaign.Around 136.6 Million Voters in the Fifty States Cast their Votes in the Tuesday's Elections. It is around 64.1 Percent Turnout This Year Biggest After the 1908 Turn out of 65.7.

Large Number Of Food Stocks Not Suit For Human Consumption In 1584 Eating Houses Are Destroyed

Food Inspectors Attached to the Food Control Unit of the Ministry Of Health Destroyed Large Stock of Rotten Food not Suitable for Human Consumption prepared by 1584 Eating Houses Throughout the Island and Taken Legal Action against 314 Eating Houses who are prepared Food Badly.There are small canteens as well as Fast Food Selling Otlets and Star Hotels Among these Eating Houses.This Raid had been carried out during 20th and 21st of October and around 26,989 Eating Houses (around Thirty Percent out of the Whole)Inspected during the raid.Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva To day(05) gave Instructions to Dr.P Mahipala the Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Public Health)to Inspect the Rest of The Eating House From Next Month.

Twenty Four Percent Of Sri Lankan Population Are Suffering From Diabetese

Twenty Four Percent of the Urban and Rural Population in Sri Lanka Suffering from Diabetese and Consuming High Sweetness,Starch and Fatty Foods instead of Fibre Rich Food Cause this situation President of the Sri Lanka Diabetese Association Dr.Mahen Wijesuriya said To day(05).Sixteen Percent of the Urban Population and Eight Percent of the Rural Population are Suffering From Diabetese According to Dr.Wijesuriya.Higest Number of Diebetic Patients Live in the Asian Region He Stressed.It has been revealed that Around the Globe Seven Million People Annualy got this Disease and It has been Estimated that Three Hundrad Eighty Million People will Living with the Diabetese by the year 2025.Speeking at a Seminar on the National Diabetese Prevention Week falls on 10th to 16th of this Month Dr.Wijesuriya Apeel the Parents Not to Consume High Sweetened,Fatty and Starch Foods and Drinks for Their Children and do Encouraged them to eat More Vegetables and Fruits.Avoiding of consuming such foods and Live in Stress Free Life will Helpful TO Prevent Diabetese he said.International Diabetese Day Falls on the 14th of this month.

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