Saturday, March 19, 2016


Government Should Shut Down Malabe Private Medical Collage-Government Dental Surgeons Association

The Government should take steps to shut down the controversial Private Medical Collage of Malabe and pay compensation to the Students of that Medical Collage  according to Government Dental Surgeons Association.

Due to government' s decision to provide state resources like Government Hospitals and patients for clinical training of the Malabe Private Medical Collage Students it clearly violated the norms of Sri Lanka Medical Council the Dental Surgeons Association has stressed.

The Association has launched an island wide campaign to educate people on the bad effects of Malabe Private Medical Collage to the lives of patients and already conducted the campaign targeting people in Kandy and Matale Districts the Association has stressed.


Public Utilities Commission Has Concluded Investigation On Recent Island Wide Power Failures

The Public Utilities  Commission has concluded it's investigation carried out  regarding recent Island Wide Power Failures with the help of foreign experts   according to the Commission.

The Commission has already informed the Ceylon Electricity Board on the findings of above mentioned investigation according to Director General Of Public Utilities Commission Damitha Kumarasinghe.

Through  the Island Wide Power Failures like the ones occurred recently  a clear violation of  power transmitting licence has been reported  the Director General has said.


Patients Are Facing Difficulties Due To The Nurses Strike In Jaffna Hospital

Due to the Strike launched by Nursing Staff of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital since last Friday(18) the patient care services of the Hospital have paralyzed according to the President Of Government Nursing Officers Union Saman Ratnapriya.

Patients receiving treatment at the Jaffna Hospital are facing enormous difficulties due to the strike he has stressed.

The Nursing Staff has launched the strike against arresting a Nurse attached to Jaffna Hospital following   an argument occurred between her and a  relative of a patient.

According to  complaint made to  the police by the relative who was involved in an argument with the nurse Police have arrested the nurse without investigating the incident the Nurses Union President has accused.


General Secretary Of Sri Lanka Freedom Party To Inform Party's Central Committee On Member MP'S Participated Joint Opposition Rally

The General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) Minister Duminda Disanayake has said a suitable action will be taken against the SLFP MP's who had participated the Joint Opposition Rally held at Hyde Park in Colombo without considering the instructions of the Party after discuss the matter with Party's Central Committee.

The SLFP Central Committee will be informed on the relevant MP's who violated the party orders and participated the Joint Opposition Rally Minister Dissanayake has stated.

Before the above mentioned Rally SLFP has instructed it's Member MP's not to participate the rally which the former president Mahinda Rajapaksha has participated.

Sri Lanka's University Education To Be Modernized -Education Minister Akila Viraj

Sri Lanka's University Education will be modernized with the aim of job orientation according to Minister Of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

To create a job orientation and knowledge based society is expected to achieve through this Minister has stated. 


President Maithripala Sirisena Had Again Stated There's No Need To Get Foreign Judges For Alleged War Crimes Investigations In Sri Lanka

President Maithripala Sirisena has stated again Today (19) that he will not agree to get foreign judges for any kind of local investigations on human right violations including the alleged human rights violations occurred during the last phase of war between Sri Lanka Army and LTTE Terrorists.

The President has admitted as  he had the fullest confidence on local judges and Judicial Administrators no need for an international judges for the probe.

According to United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution of 2014 Sri Lanka need to set up an international mechanism on investigation of war crimes.

The Sri Lanka co-sponsored 2015 resolution has also  called for a mechanism with international judges and prosecutors to probe on alleged war crimes.

Six Female Tea Pluckers In Kotmale Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Six Female Tea Pluckers attached to Lili Saland Tea Estate in Kotmale(In Up Country) were admitted to Kotmale Hospital today(19) due to a wasp attack according to the Police.

They have been faced the wasp attack whist plucking tea leaves in the estate it has been reported.

Kaththankudy Police Have Arrested 12 Indian Nationals Whilst Engaging In Trade Activities On Tourist Visas

The Kaththankudy Police have today(19) arrested 12 Indian Nationals at Kaththankudy(In Eastern Province) for involving in trade activities after entering the country through tourist visas.

Seven Females were among  arrested Indian Nationals the Police have said.

The arrested Indian Nationals were involved in trading medicine whilst staying in the country by violating Immigration and Emigration laws Police have revealed.The suspects are due to produce before the Batticloe Magistrate Court.

Kaththankudy Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.


Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand