Wednesday, May 9, 2018

North Korea Frees Three US Detainees


A Female Was Arrested With A Stock Of Gold Jewelry Illegally Brought From.Dubai

A 45 year old Sri Lankan female was
arrested by the Officials attached to the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau this morning(09)at Katunayake Airport while attempting to smuggle a stock of Gold jewelry brought from.Dubai , weighing 432 grammes illegally to the country .

The female who is a resident of Kochchikade ,Negambo had concealed the stock of jewelry including bangles,chains,rings and bracelets in her luggage according to the authorities.

The estimated value of the stock of Jewelry is around Rs.5 million it has been revealed.

Two Vehicles Collided Each Other In Hatton -Colombo Main Road

A Cab and a Lory transporting goods
have been severely damaged after  colliding with each other at the Hatton shannonwatte area in Hatton -Colombo main road this evening(09).

However no one in the two vehicles was injured due to the incident Hatton Police have said.

The technical default of  the Cab caused the collision it has been revealed.

Services Of Two District Officers Attached To Housing Authority Have Been Suspended Over Flattening A Historical Archeological Site In Balumgala

Services of two officers attached to the Housing Development Authority have been suspended with immediatte effect following the flattening  of the archeological site at Balumgala, Vijithapura (North Central Province)known as the fortress of King Elara.

Accordingly the services of acting District Manager in Anuradhapura attached to the Housing Development Authority and a techinical assistant of the Authority have been suspended over flattening the site in Balumgala by using backo machines to build a new housing village it has been revealed.

Meanwhile few activists have already filed petitions in Human Rights Commission against flattening the historical Archeology site and Lawyers union expressed it's willingness to give legal aid for anyone who will going to court against the flattening of a historical site.

Ravana balaya group officials too have visited the site today (09)to view the damage done to the site.

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A Sudden Fire Erupted In A Parliamentary Room

Image result for fireA sudden fire was erupted in the Parliamentary Office  of Minister Of Buddha Sasana Gamini Jayawikrama Perera today (09) it has been reported.

However fire brigade has doused the fire which caused due to a default of an air conditioner before it spreads further.

Ministry Of Finance Has Today Increased The Special Commodity Levy Imposed On Two Varieties Of Imported Dhal

The Ministry Of Finance has today (09) increased the special commodity levy imposed on imported "Split " and "Whole "Dhal  for a period of six months.
Image result for imported dhal 
Accordingly the Special Commodity Levy imposed on "Split "Dhal will be increased by Rs.9 per Kilo Gramme from Rs.3 to Rs.12  and the Special Commodity Levy imposed on "Whole " Dhal will be increased by Rs.6 from Rs.1 to Rs.7 per a Kilo Gramme . 

The Commodity Levy has been increased due to the rising prices of Dhal in the world market according to the Finance Ministry.However prices of Dhal in the local market will not be affected due to this it has been announced.

Police Have Fired Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse Anti SAITM Protesters

Image result for tear gas and water cannons sri lankaPolice have fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse a Group of University protesters Students belongs to the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) and involved in a Anti SAITM Protest march ,short while ago when they have attempted to enter the Ward Place which was closed temporarily by removing road barricades.

The protest march was started in front of the University Of Kelaniya this noon and marching towards the University Grants Commission in Ward Place it has been reported.Due to the protest march a heavy traffic congestion is being created in Town Hall according to reports.


More Than Ten Houses In Balapitiya Have Been Submerged Due To Heavy Showers

Image result for roads in galle submerged due to showersMore  than ten houses around Madhu River In Balapitiya have been submerged due  to the  heavy              showers falling in since last night (08)  it has been reported.. Accordingly houses located  in areas like Wellabada,Pathamulla and Welithara have been submerged.

Due To the heavy showers prevailing in since last night Galle,Balapitiya,Ahungalla and Ambalangoda  areas have been severely affected according to reports.

 The situation has been occurred as a result of the overflowing of
canals in the area.


A Heavy Traffic Is Being Reported From Town Hall Due To Anti SAITM Protest March-Ward Place Has Been Closed

Image result for university grants commission sri lanka
A heavy traffic congestion is being reported from the Town Hall area at the moment  due to the Anti SAITM Protest March currently moving towards the University Grants Commission Building at Ward Place in Colombo according to the Police.
Police have temporarily closed the Ward Place and tightened the security in the area  due to this situation it has been reported.
The Protest march is organized by the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) by opposing not providing a solutions for the  SAITM (Malabe Private Medical Collage ) issue and it was started in front of the University of Kelaniya this noon.

Due to the protest a heavy traffic congestion had been reported on Colombo-Kandy road as well earlier.
Meanwhile the Colombo Fort Magistrate Court has ordered the protestors today to protest within the Colombo Fort Magistrate Court's jurisdiction without interrupting public life and or damaging properties .

Train Drivers Suspended Their Scheduled Strike Action

Image result for trains sri lanka
The Strike action scheduled to be launched by the Train Drivers from this noon(09) over a salary anomaly problem has been suspended according to the Train Engine Drivers Union.

The decision to suspend the strike action has been taken after  the government has submitted a Cabinet Paper on new approved Salary scales for the Train drivers to remove Salary Anomaly  of  them  and approval given to it by the Cabinet  it has been revealed.

The strike action was earlier scheduled to be launched from midnight yesterday night and it was postponed until this noon by the Railway unions.

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