Thursday, March 26, 2020

Indian Police Strike Against Those Violating Lockdown Rules

India Gambling On Lockdown To Save Millions


Government Ordered To Shut Down All Free Trade Zones

Ministry Of Industrial Exports and Investment Promotions has today (26)ordered to shut down all free trade zones until further notice to facilitate  the free trade zone workers who are stranded due to the nation wide curfew to go home.

Minister prasanna Ranathunge has stated that  the free trade  zone workers will be transported to their home with the assistance of Sri  Lanka Army and Police after  undergoing. A health checkup .

The shut down of all free trade zones has been announced   after National Trade Center had sent a letter to Prime Minister  Mahinda Rajapakshe showing the doffocties faced by free trade zone workers due to the ongoing curfew .

There were complaints thst some shop owners of free trade zone had forced workers to work although government has announced a social distancing method to combat against Corona Virus .

Fears Over Rapid Spread Of Corona Virus In Southern Italy

Globally Corona Virus Cases Surpass Half A Million


All Holiday And Leave Of Police Officers has been Cancelled Until.10 Th Of April

All holiday and leave of Police officers
are being cancelled until 10th of April according to the Police Headquarters .

This leave of Police has been  cancelled according to an order of Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Chandana Wikramaratna in view of ongoing situation in the country.   

Government Has Announced Next Week. As A Week Of Work From Home For Public And Private Sector

Government has declared 30th of
March to 03rd of April a week of work from home to strengthen ongoing programme implemented by the government to combat against corona virus government has announced.

This work from home programme is applied to all Government, Semi Government and private institutions in the country except essential services like security, health and Banks .

This is not a public holiday and the institution owners are being encouraged to prevent gathering so many employees in working place through this with aim of  preventing the spread of corona virus.

Government has also declared this week from 23 rd of March to 27 th of March as a week of Work from home

A Tribute To Late Yesteryear Hindi Cinema Actress "Nimmi "-A Song From "Uran Kathola "(1955)Film

("Samudure Soya "song sung by late Rukmani Devi is the sinhalese Version of this song.  ) 

Another Four Corona Virus Positives Had Been Identified This Evening (26)

Another four  Corona virus positives had been identified from Sri Lanka
 around 7 p.m and 9 p.m  local time today  (26),increasing the total number of Corona virus positives in the country to 106 according to Epidemeology Unit .

Yesterday  (25)no Corona virus positives  had been reported from the country .

Meanwhile another Corona virus positive had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Infectious Diseases Hospital ,Angoda today in crirical condition bringing the total number of Corona virus postives who are in the Intensive care unit of the hospital to three .

Another fully recovered Corona virus positive had been discharged from the IDH Hospital today it has been revealed This is the fourth corona virus positive that had been discharged from the hospItal  after getting cured .

278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...