Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sri Lankan Swine Flu Taly Increased To Fourteen

The tally of Swine Influenza(H1N1 Virus) Patients of Sri Lanka increased to 14 as another Sri Lankan returned from Australia today became a positive for the Disease.The new patient who returned to the island yesterday is too admitted to the Angoda Fever Hospital in the Colombo Suburbs for treatment.

Now altogether 9 Swine Flu Patients are getting treatment for the Disease at the Hospital.Out of the 14 Swine Flu Patients reported from the Country 9 of them returned from Australia and there are Two from USA,Two Filipinoes and one from United Kingdom.There are another suspected Swine Flu Patients at the Hospital waiting for their test results.

Meanwhile the Secretary of Health Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage said that as all Swine Flu Patients reported from here are returned from Abroad still there is no threat of spreading the Disease internaly as all the patients reported quarantine from others during the treatment.

Sri Lankan Health Ministry To Import Bacteria To Destroy The Dengue Mosquitoes

Sri Lankan Ministry Of Health decided to Import BTI Bacteria(Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis)from Cuba to destroy Dengue Mosquito larvae as the spreading of Dengue in the country is increasing day by day.

According to the Press Release issued by the Ministry Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva already hol d discussions regarding this with the Cuban Ambassedor in Colombo and waiting for the approval of the Cuban Government of importing the Bacteria.

However The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council already began to use BTI Bacteria to the Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places within the Colombo City Limits.According to the Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam the Chief Medical Officer Of Health in Colombo their Department is using this Bacteria imported from America once a weak for the breeding places and PHI's are inspecting the Progress weakly.This Method is succesfully adapted by Cuba to curb the Dengue Menace he stressed.

US State Department Issued Travel Warnning To Sri Lanka

The State Department of the United States Of America last Friday issued a warning to All American Citizens traveling to or living in Sri Lanka about Possible Terrorists Attacks or Instability in the Country despite ending the three decade old conflict recently.

This warning is issued as a new travel warning.However after finishing the conflict Sri Lankan life became peaceful and as a result the Local Stock Market improves and became the Fourth Best Growing Stock Market of the world.

Sri Lankan NetBall Team Won The Asian NetBall Championships

Sri Lankan National Netball Team won the Final of the Seventh Asian NetBall Championships held in Malaysia today.Sri Lankans beet Singapore National Team by 78-48.Sri Lankans entered the final as an unbeeten Team winning all their Group Matches.

This is the Fourth Time that the Sri Lankans won the Asian Netball Championships.

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